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Prescription drugs-v-Importing trash from Canada

Posted by BGCPed on 9/10/03 at 07:06 (129412)

In Michigan we are having a debate on importing TONS of trash, waste and anything else the city of Toronto wants to ship here. There is a trade clause that is supposedly constitutional that wont allow us to stop it.

We get trucks by the mile every day coming over. Toronto has no empty bottle law like Michigan. They have found medical waste, radioactive waste and anything else you can imagine. I am not picking on the Canadians but they have miles and miles of land to take care of it.

One of of Senators, Debbie Stabenow has an online petition to stop it. The landfill pig is fighting in court and claiming that the trash, bottles etc should not and can not be regulated as our own trash is.

The irony here is we are also getting feedback from big drug companies and their toadies in oor government. There are people importing drugs from pharmacies and drug buying groups in Canada. It is a huge savings for some, especially the elderly.

The drug companies say they are saving lives and care about us since they are fighting it. They say that the drugs cant be regulated and possibly not safe e.g. your Zanax could be 80% saint johns wort. The same drugs are sold to almost every country cheaper.

Point we cant fight waste and trash coming from Canada under the guise of constitutional free trade and commerce. But they dont want us to be able to buy meds from the same country because it cant be regulated and may be unsafe. Anybody hear when a Canadian pharmacy last had a person get a bottle of Viox that was really glucosamine mixed with kool-aide powder by some fiendish Canadian Pharmacist?

Pretty assinine double standard if you ask me. Maybe I will post a link to that petition

Re: Prescription drugs-v-Importing trash from Canada

john h on 9/10/03 at 09:02 (129416)

BG: At one time in my life I was District Manager for Gelco Corporation a division of GE. We leased over the road tractors and trailers. What I remember most about Michigan is that they were the state that allowed the largest tractor trailer combinations in the nation. They were called Michigan Specials. Typically a state has a weight limit of 73,280 lbs or 80,000 lbs for a tractor/trailer combination. This is because roads are constructed to handle this weight. In Michigan you can exceed well over 100,000 lbs. They can train the trailers and have length limits that far exceed most states. This way you can haul all that Toronto garbage in big loads. Might even be some toxic waste from some of the Toronto ESWT locations.

Re: Petition link

BGCPed on 9/10/03 at 09:27 (129422)


Re: Prescription drugs-v-Importing trash from Canada

BGCPed on 9/10/03 at 09:30 (129423)

There is anything they want to dump. They have load scanners like x-ray for terror etc. They busted a truck driver bringing over a bail of marijuana to sell in the states.

Big trucks are partly why our roads suck also. Get near Detroit in the spring and you see hubcaps and tire shreads everywhere

Re: Prescription drugs-v-Importing trash from Canada

Aly on 9/10/03 at 09:48 (129425)

With the ridiculous prices we pay in the U.S. for prescriptions, I have no problem getting things over the border. My mom picked up an RX for me in Toronto that would have cost me $95. I think she paid under $20 Cdn.

It's sad that we have a system that places profit above the individual. Who cares if someone can't afford to get their meds, as long as the drug companies are making a good profit, right?

Re: Prescription drugs-v-Importing trash from Canada

BGCPed on 9/10/03 at 10:44 (129437)

When she was in Toronto maybe she could have offered to bring back 40 lbs of sewage. She could drop it in Michigan and get the drugs for free