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Confused about treatment

Posted by Sher A on 9/10/03 at 18:39 (129508)

Hi.. I've looked through all the msg boards here but am confused as to what is the difference between Ossatron and ESWT. I have an extremely painful heelspur in both heels, and pf to the point where I can hardly stand up in the shower or walk. It's like my feet are unable to support my weight (145 lbs). I've always been active and have now had to stop walking because of the pain. I really believe that using the treadmill at the gym over the past couple of years was a major contributor. I have custom orthotics and am not getting the instant relief I thought I would. I have tried absolutely everything. I've had injections in my heels but when they wear off, the pain is back, not to mention the agony of the injection. Now the pain radiates up the back of my leg. I can't stand the pain, and nothing helps. The doctors do not want to perscribe medication that handles the pain yet doesn't put me to sleep. The medication that is strong enough has terrible side effects, and it is impossible to stay awake (and do my job). I have no idea what to do now and each day this gets worse. I've been on ibuprofen for awhile and that also does nothing. I'm in dire straits and need help fast. Please tell me briefly about the Ossatron vs ESWT. I'm ready to try anything because I don't want to go through life unable to walk! Do most insurance co's cover it? Does it hurt? I find that insurance isn't very sympathetic when it comes to foot problems.

Re: Confused about treatment

Steve G on 9/10/03 at 19:59 (129519)

Sher - Ossatron is a type of machine that does ESWT - the others are Dornier and Sonocur. Have you read the heel pain book and taken advantage of all of the treatments it describes?? Most insurance companies don't cover ESWT, but you would need to check with yours. You are given a shot to numb your foot during the ESWT treatment, so it does not hurt.

Re: Confused about treatment

BrianJ on 9/10/03 at 20:22 (129524)

Sher --

Until your present agony subsides, you may want to try taping. This involves taping the bottom of your feet to provide added support and thereby take some of the load off of your fascia. You can read the 'Heel Pain Book' on this site, or use the search feature to get instructions on taping. Taping sounds strange, but it's actually a simple, quick and inexpensive way to get some pain relief until you get a better handle on all of the other available treatments.

Re: Confused about treatment

Steve C. on 9/11/03 at 07:55 (129570)


I want to second what BrianJ said. Taping is the ONLY thing that has given me relief so far. It does seem funny to put tape on the bottom of your feet, but it works! Try to duplicate what Scott is doing in the heel pain book pictures.

The first time I taped, then was able to stand and walk around pain free was a relief. This will at least give you some short term relief while you research Ossatron and ESWT.


Re: Confused about treatment

Jen L on 9/12/03 at 16:49 (129754)

I have PF on both feet but no spurs, and I know how difficult it's -I used to do brisk walking every day before this heel pain happened, and that kind of free spirited walking only happens in my dreams now.
I suggest you use a shower chair or a plastic chair/stool in the bath. I even sit in front of kitchen sink and bathroom sink when my heel pain was very bad. There is no point to fight it by keeping the way of life as if we did not have any pain. I am also very frustrated from time to time, but I also learned that mental stress can do more harm. The pain is there, we have to accept it and meanwhile look for the best way to treat it.

Re: Confused about treatment

Dorothy on 9/13/03 at 02:45 (129822)

I love the description '...that kind of free spirited walking only happens in my dreams now.' That is so true. In my dreams, there is free-spirited walking, ice skating, running .. all of it, but the 'free-spirited' is the recurring theme.

Re: Confused about treatment

Sher A on 9/13/03 at 20:42 (129925)

I know you're right, but it's a real vicious cycle. The pain feeds the stress, and in turn affects my work. I work for a nat'l. agency and need to have my mind completely on what I am doing, not on the agony in my feet. I envy anyone who is able to rise up above it. Pain has become the predominant focus in my life and it sucks. Nothing works. I went through 2 months of physical therapy for this and ended up with an undecipherable bill a mile long. The therapy did nothing. Who wouldn't be frustrated? What's the next step? A wheelchair? I was previously a very active person who loved to hike, walk, shop, etc., always ready to go anywhere. Now I feel like I'm 95 years old and fighting a battle that I can never win.