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GWB on Passenger Rails

Posted by Dorothy on 9/10/03 at 23:56 (129557)

Q: Should the federal government be spending more to help Amtrak expand intercity rail travel and develop high-speed corridors??
A: Our national railroad network is a crucial component of our public transportation system. I support a healthy intercity passenger rail system. I support current efforts to make Amtrak more efficient and competitive. I believe these efforts will result in better, more extensive and more reliant rail service for the millions of Americans who travel by train.

Source: Associated Press Sep 17, 2000

Re: GWB on Passenger Rails

Sharon W on 9/11/03 at 08:51 (129576)


I do believe this country NEEDS a much better mass transit system, more like what they have in Europe. Of course, this has been brought to my attention by the fact that my husband has an eye problem and cannot drive, and one of my best friends is blind... Most people are happy enough driving their cars every day and yes, I've heard the argument that those who need public transit are a tiny minority so why should the rest of us pay for it?? Well, if our public transit system was GOOD enough, if it came close to where people lived and went close to where people wanted to get to, more people WOULD use it. They certainly do in other countries! I've travelled on Euro Rail and it's MARVELLOUS!!

Americans are the biggest gas-guzzlers in the world, and this is a big part of the reason why. We have no reasonable system of mass transit. And IF WE DIDN'T USE SO MUCH GAS, WE WOULDN'T BE SO DEPENDENT ON THE SAUDIS AND OTHER ARABS...


Re: GWB on Passenger Rails

john h on 9/11/03 at 11:58 (129584)

I think the only place that rail travel pays for itself is a few places on the east coast. People just do not like rail travel anymore. Business travelers are in a hurry. It is like trying to regenerate down town in many cities. It just does not work anymore. Our city bus system in Little Rock cannot and will never pay for itself. Some of our kids go to school in taxis paid for by the state as it is less expensive than busses in some areas. Europe does not have an interstate road network as we do and they are accustomed to train travel. Most Americans want to park within a few feet of where they are going and probably most have never been on a train.I think I recently read that we have more cars per family than we have family members.

Re: GWB on Passenger Rails

marie on 9/11/03 at 14:21 (129604)

for those of us who don't live in large cities with airports trains are a great way to get from one place to another. I have never been on a train that wasn't full. There is a train station about 15 mins. from our home. We can jump on at 10:00 at night and be in NYC by 11:00 am. It's reasonably priced and I always meet new people. We like taking the train to Chicago for shopping....like at Christmas. It takes about 1 and 1/2 hours to get there and then we take a cab werever we want to go. We don't get warn out driving and it's less then air fare. The food is good and reasonably priced. All in all if you've never taken a train try it you may like it.


Re: GWB on Passenger Rails

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/11/03 at 15:16 (129616)


Public transportation works if and only if there is a comprehensive system. A wonderful train going from east of Los Angeles to the airport area, parallelling I-105 was built but is underutilized. The problem is that when you get to the end of the line, then where do you go?

Seattle has debated public trans for years, keeps revising downward the plans due to cost. Again, if you have lack of connectivity and a comprehensive, complete system, the system is not fully usable.


Re: GWB on Passenger Rails

Dorothy on 9/11/03 at 22:43 (129683)

But that's not a flaw in the SYSTEM or the concept. It is a failing of leadership, commitment and planning.

Re: GWB on Passenger Rails

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/12/03 at 14:45 (129729)