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eswt therapy

Posted by harry n on 9/11/03 at 04:25 (129563)

Hi my name is Harry.I damaged my plantar fascia and caused nerve damage in the bottom of my feet. i get irritated nerves and burning symptoms the longer i stand or walk on them.i iced my legs up and they bruised up black.i had internal bleeding damaging lots of soft tissue .possible i may have tarsel tunnel syndrome. All the damaged came from too much running.jumping skipping and not enough calve stretches.my calves were massive and very ,very tight
i done a lot of stretching ,massages,accupuncture.they are better but still tingling and burning when i stand and walk a little.i cant work it affected my life
can eswt help me if the problem might be tarsel tunnel syndrome.because an operation is the only thing left to try.I recently had cortisone in the tarsel tunnel to break down some scar tissue but if that isnt going to work the operation is next.Please get back to me and tell me if ESWT is a good alternative. Thank you
Harry Nohra

Re: eswt therapy

Dr. Z on 9/11/03 at 11:29 (129580)

Sorry Harry,

ESWT isn't used to Tarsal Tunnel pain

Re: eswt therapy

dr ben pearl on 9/11/03 at 21:14 (129661)

arch support or orthotic may help prior to surgery