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JohnH, airshow & a B-17

Posted by BrianG on 9/11/03 at 14:19 (129603)

Hey John,

There will be a pretty big air show, carnival, and country music deal this weekend in central Ma. I had heard a couple of the larger planes coming in this morning, so I took a ride over to the airport. While I was there, a B-17, the Memphis Belle, landed, and taxied up to the tower. I was nearby, and as you know, that sucker is LOUD!

I went to te Net to check it out, http://www.memphisbelle.com
and found out that it's a fairly large restoraton program. I could read a couple names, painted on to starboard side of the plane. One was Bombadier, Capt. Vincent Evens. The other was the Navigator, Cat. Charles Leighton. I imagine the other side had the pilot, Capt. Robert Morgan, and the co-pilot, Capt. Jim Verinis. I counted 9 swastikas near the front, and 2 more near the tail gunner. I take it they were kills. If there was one job I wouldn't want, it would have been the tail gunner. It looked like it was all plexiglas back there, and it seemed like the tail gunner was just attached to the rear of the plane!!

So, do you know any of these hero's? The pilot stayed on, and made Col, after which he wrote a book. Looking at the plane, I couldn't believe how crude it was, compared to our newer, B generation, super bombers!!!!!


PS: I may go back tonight to see Marty Stewart !!

Re: JohnH, airshow & a B-17

Dorothy on 9/11/03 at 14:31 (129608)

Have you seen/rented the movie, 'Memphis Belle'? We loved it.