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An American View

Posted by Bonnie D on 9/11/03 at 18:29 (129646)

'The story of the summer is that the American people refused to be panicked by the media, the Democrats and the Europeans,' writes Mark Steyn in The Spectator:

Indeed, the awesome divide between the postmodern sophists and everybody else is the real legacy of 11 September. As the day itself recedes into the past, the splinter it opened up in the settled international order gets wider and wider to the point where 9/11 is a fault line through reality itself. Depending on which side you stand, success is failure, victory is disaster.

Re: An American View

David J. on 9/12/03 at 04:40 (129694)

Bonnie, The Spectator, which for the first 100 years or so of its existence was a non-political literary magazine, has been a right-wing - what you but not I would call - 'rag' for the last 50 years at least.

Re: An American View

Bonnie D on 9/12/03 at 15:52 (129739)

David, I was sorry I used the word 'rag' as soon as I pressed the send key. BTAIM, I think Steyn's quote is right on. You see defeats where I see victories. You see bad news, I see good news. You read Conservative writers and disagree, Liberal writers and agree: I do the opposite. I really don't understand how humanitarians can not applaud the freeing of Iraq, and you don't understand how I can view the 'occupation' of Iraq as 'freeing' You think bringing battle to terrorists has made things worse, and I think appeasement of the last 20 years led us to 9/11 and today. The post 9/11 divide is huge. As an ex-leftie, liberal, anti-Vietnam War, anti-govt., Canadian refugee 1975-1985, Democrat, I experience this first hand, everyday. It's astounding how much hate and vile can be spewed by the so-called 'hate-free' pro-diversity community towards people who have different political opinions.

Re: An American View

marie on 9/12/03 at 16:21 (129748)

As a former righty, who got tired of being laid off from work, watching the rich get richer,and all civility (Like some R talkshow hosts) go down the tubes and I became a Democrat. I don't think I know any (that's none so we have no misunderstandings) people on the left that would disagree with the fact that Saddam is a heartless dictator that more than contributed to the suffering of his people. It is the process that led us to were we are now that is of concern to many Americans and to the world at large. We'll surely have an interesting election year no doubt.

take care, marie