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More on ZZ Top...the saga continues

Posted by marie on 9/11/03 at 20:37 (129654)

Ok so tonight I go to Walmart, I had a sudden urge to buy weed and feed for my yard and I am in the checkout and my former student is behind me in line. I said 'What's up girl any new rock-n-roll legends roll into your resturaunt?' She starts laughing and tells me Mrs. E I have something for you. She tells me she is giving me the autograph she got from Billy Gibbens. Oh, the perks of being a teacher...I really do have the best kids in the universe!

You guys probably didn't know that Walmart is the social hub of our small town....it usually takes me two hours to shop because at this point in my life after teaching in 4 high schools within close proxiemty of each other I know everyone from the cashiers, baggers and shoppers.

At least I wasn't in my pajamas tonight.

best wishes marie