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Heal pain

Posted by Judy P on 9/12/03 at 19:12 (129784)

My husband is experiencing severe heel pain for the first time. The pain started 3 days ago and has intensified each day. It only hurts when walking and has gotten to the point where he can hardly walk. The pain encompasses his entire heel (bottom, sides and back). It is his right foot only and no other part of the foot seems affected. He wears good work boots, is not overweight, and has not experienced any injury to his foot. His job requires him to be on his feet all day but he has never had any problems in the past. Any recommendations to relieve the pain and treatment remedies would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Heal pain

Dr. Z on 9/12/03 at 19:55 (129790)


He may have a stress fracture. One of the way to determine if it is a stress fracture is to press the sides of the heel bone together. If he is limping and in pain all the time when walking time to see a foot specialists