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IP adddresses, ScottR

Posted by Ed Davis, DPM on 9/14/03 at 13:15 (129971)

ScottR :
I have seen some boards where the IP address of the posters are listed.
Is that something you would consider doing here?


Re: IP adddresses, ScottR

Dorothy on 9/14/03 at 19:50 (130007)

Why are you asking this, Dr. Ed?

Re: IP adddresses, ScottR

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/14/03 at 20:47 (130016)

The IP adresses identify the poster, or at least the computer. There has been a bit of name play here and would like to know the true identity of posters. I realize that that is an imperfect method since posters can and do use different computers but it may be helpful.

Re: IP adddresses, ScottR

Scott R on 9/15/03 at 06:34 (130045)

for privacy and security reasons, ip addresses should not be displayed.

Re: IP adddresses, ScottR

R C on 9/15/03 at 08:03 (130049)

I agree that IP addresses should not be displayed. However, I also suspect that at least one person out there is posting under other peoples' names, just to cause trouble.

Re: IP adddresses, ScottR

BGCPed on 9/15/03 at 09:14 (130056)

There is obviously some hanky-panky with a few handles. I think it just shows that a few people cant stand on their own merits so they change names

Re: IP adddresses, ScottR

marie on 9/15/03 at 14:16 (130081)

Dang! Does this mean I have to give up my career as a Secret Agent Angie?B-)