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Posted by Julie on 9/15/03 at 02:49 (130043)

It's time to stop a pretence that I deeply regret beginning. Phil was correct in his assumption that ‘David' was I. I owe you an explanation. I do not expect anyone to understand it, but I owe it.

After three years contributing here, I stopped posting six months ago. In the run-up to the Iraq war I had been very distressed by the predominance of far-right political views on the board, and often by the manner of their presentation. In the heated discussions at that time there was a certain degree of intolerance of different views. Ed and I had an especially difficult (for me) exchange. I decided not to post any more and left, as did others for similar reasons. But I continued to read the boards for the medical information and also occasionally looked in at the social board.

Ed's use of the term ‘euro-weenies' made me very angry. It encapsulated everything that had troubled me about his posts in the past, and brought back all my unhappiness over the frustrating discussions that had led to my departure. There were things I wanted to say to him, but I simply could not do so in my own name.

I know this sounds like cowardice. It was more absolute horror of exposing myself again. I intended to use the pseudonym for one post in which I would say what was on my mind. I said it – and then got drawn in, stayed angry, said more, was roundly admonished and, within a few days, was suspected.

I apologise to you all. If I've lost the respect of people who thought me straightforward that is the price I have to pay for doing something I ought not to have done and am thoroughly sorry for.


Re: Admission

Sharon W on 9/15/03 at 07:30 (130048)

Welcome back, Julie; I hope you'll decide to stay.


Re: Admission

john h on 9/15/03 at 08:06 (130050)

I am supprised Julie! I do admire your courage to stand up and say it was your post. That takes some courage and conviction.

Re: Admission

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/15/03 at 09:00 (130054)


Welcome back. I think enough has been discussed on the aforementioned topics and we all should rest them for now.

The rest of the boards here await your valued input.

Re: Admission

Suzanne D on 9/15/03 at 10:15 (130062)

Julie, I have quietly thought from David's first post that it was you, and I also thought that if I were right, you would come forward in time to let us know ~ just as you did. As John said, that took courage. Thank you for your honesty.

I also agree with Dr. Ed when he said in part, '...enough has been discussed on the aforementioned topics and we all should rest them for now.' I would be happy if there were a rest on the topics for awhile. I know everyone has the right to express whatever is on their mind, but it really never seems to change anyone's opinion, and it nearly always causes hurt and pain. Or that's how I see it from my little corner in the world. I admire the brilliance and study that many have shown in their posts ~ even while I may not agree with everything they espouse.

We all try to do our part in this world as we see fit. Some work with the 'big picture' in mind and can be quite scholarly in their thinking and writing. We need those people. They are the idea-makers and the shapers of thoughts. Some of us work with the small tasks - one little deed at a time - and hope, equally, that what we believe and do will make a difference. I am one of those people, I guess. I don't get involved in a lot of discussions about the 'big ideas' (unless someone fires me up about teachers not doing much valuable work :) ). I am more one to quietly labor in my own corner, hoping that the lives I touch will be better. I have my ideas and beliefs but don't often feel the need to share them publicly. I respect those who feel the need to do so. I also respect them when they realize 'enough is enough' - at least for a time.

Well, I had better get back to my little corner and get busy. Best wishes to you all.

Suzanne :)

Re: Admission

marie on 9/15/03 at 11:11 (130064)

Welcome back! We are happy you are here! We all missed you very much!

best wishes marie

Re: Amen! (nt)

Carole C in NOLA on 9/15/03 at 11:29 (130067)


Re: Admission

marie on 9/15/03 at 14:19 (130083)


As always you have a knack for saying just the right thing. Yes it's been just a little crazy around here. But maybe now we can all take a deep cleansing breath and appreciate the fact that the best folks in the universe are right here at heelspurs.com.

best wishes marie

Re: Admission

Kathy G on 9/15/03 at 14:55 (130087)


I've been away from the computer for a few days and my, what I've missed! Most of it, I skimmed as I refuse to get involved in these political discussions and I don't even bother to read them any more.

The main reason is the one that you state. You, and a few others whom I greatly miss and admire, left the boards because these discussions got so out of line. Since I am for the most part politically and socially liberal, it would be insane for me to get involved. I'm actually quite active politically but I continue to believe that this is an inappropriate forum on which to discuss my politics. It appears that many enjoy the political debate, so I just don't participate.

We've missed your intelligence, wisdom and English point of view. Welcome back and I do hope you continue to post, not just read the Boards!

Re: rambling... politics and FEET

Carole C in NOLA on 9/15/03 at 17:03 (130107)


Even we conservatives have been terribly 'turned off' by these political discussions. I suppose my politics could be described as way further right than anything I've read here, with a splash of libertarianism thrown in.

I don't normally try to promote my political point of view to you or anyone else on this heel pain message board, and I've noticed that you don't either. I like your approach to this a lot! In fact, I would like to give you a 'gold star' for self control! I'm trying to earn one myself. LOL

Whether our politics are right, left, center, or whatever, I think that the most valuable contribution any of us can provide to this message board is what Suzanne provides, day in and day out, whether she's having a hard time or not. That is to say, a caring, deeply empathetic approach to people who need understanding and help.

Yesterday Frank and I went down to the French Quarter, but when we left I thought we were going to the D-Day museum. So, I was dressed in long pants and dark, hot fabrics. We changed our mind and decided to go to the French Market, and then went antiquing on down the street.

I did fine for a while but then I got really overheated and my feet and knees seemed to swell up. When my feet swell up, they get awful and I thought I was going to really strain them. Then I fell off an irregular part of the sidewalk and nearly fell down. Frank found me a seat in a little park, and went to get the car so that I didn't have to walk any more. Ever have a day like this? I felt like such an old lady.

I haven't done anything today but sit around in my Birkenstocks, matting and framing some prints I bought yesterday, and my feet are healing nicely and feeling better. But you know what? My feet would have hurt just as much if I was right wing, left wing, or of any other political persuasion. Who cares about politics when you've got agonizing insertional point pain, or arch pain, or when your Achilles tendons feel like they are on fire, or any of the other symptoms so many of us unfortunately have felt? One thing I know about my friends here is that you DO understand. If I went to a political message board, most of the people WOULDN'T understand.

It's the understanding that makes us special!!!!!

At least that's the way I see it. And on that note, I think I'll rub some of that deliciously self-pampering 'night blooming jasmine' body lotion on my feet, do my stretching, and watch TV and enjoy my new prints which I did manage to get up on the walls. Frank's at a meeting but we'll be going out to dinner soon. I am definitely enjoying my vacation. :)

Carole C

Re: Admission

john h on 9/15/03 at 17:43 (130110)

If the political/social/etc board upsets someone then they should just avoid that board and proceed on the other boards which may interest them. To just leave the entire site does not make much sense to me. I certainly do not agree with a lot of things and a lot of people but at least I am hearing their views. I am sure glad everyone does not agree with me. Sometimes I do get tired of hearing the same old stuff. When that happens I just avoid what upsets me for a while and then jump back in the fire. If you think we have disagreements then watch the House of Commons for a few weeks or listen to our Senators and Represenatives on C-Span for a while. On the social board you sort of have democracy at work. A lot of people with a lot of different views. Try that in one of the Arab counries and you would have your tongue cut out.And after all is said and done you can vote for you many or woman who most represents your thinking.

Re: Admission

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/15/03 at 19:41 (130123)


Like TV, one can change channels from CNN to Fox News. Sometimes we take for granted the freedom to choose. Too much freedom means too many choices and too many choices is a source of stress for some. The Social Board is sort of the catch all board and participation is voluntary. There are a number of posters who pick and chose to stay with a specific board, say the ESWT Board -- everyone can and should go where they are comfortable on the site.

Re: rambling... politics and FEET

Suzanne D on 9/15/03 at 19:55 (130125)

I appreciate what you have said. Carole! And you are so right: when you hurt, it sort of levels the playing field, doesn't it? We're all 'in the same boat', and, yes, the understanding is what makes this place special.

It was almost humorous: my husband said the other day that he heard about this football player that had 'that foot thing that you have'. All of a sudden it had more status since the football player had it, and it was mentioned on t.v.! No one really 'gets it' unless they have experienced it.

I sure am sorry that you have had some swelling and hurting, but it DOES sound like you are also having some fun times! I'm glad. And Frank seems to be understanding about 'the foot thing', so that's a star for him!

What prints did you buy, and where are you hanging them? Perhaps you will have a collection of prints! :) (Remember the thread when Necee asked us what we collected...)

We're finally having some cooler weather - almost fall-like tonight. Hope some of it comes down your way soon!

Suzanne :)

Re: Admission

Suzanne D on 9/15/03 at 20:04 (130126)

You're right: sometimes we do take for granted our freedom to choose in this country. It is precious indeed. And you are right again: we can choose any board on this site.

I stay here because I have made friends, I have been helped and like to try to encourage others, and I like to 'chat'. It has been pointed out by Scott that he would like the other boards to stay 'clean' and stick to the topic, so it wouldn't be appropriate for me to ask Carole, for instance, how she is doing on one of the other boards. So I stay here and read and post as I choose.

And I certainly wasn't trying to squelch anyone here by my earlier comments. I was just expressing my opinion.

Best wishes to all.
Suzanne :)

Re: Admission

marie on 9/15/03 at 20:42 (130132)

I am so glad you are having this discussion. I will do my best to keep it short. OK...stop laughing.;) This board is a great place for anyone who wants to talk and get their minds off their aching feet. Politics can make for a great discussion. I think it's when we begin to criticize each other that things break down...whether it's politics or any number of topics. I am doing my best not to let the mean spirited criticism get to me but it's hard sometimes because we are human. We all have are buttons....even Suzanne.:) So retreat if you feel you must. But it'd be really nice if you just stayed and continued to post and start threads about many joyful topics. I participate in some political discussions because thats all thats been posted. I don't like to talk about my own health too much as I come here to get away from it. I thought Necee's thread about collecting was great. I loved looking at the photo Carol took of her towel stand and the work she put into it. Suzanne shared her daughter's wedding and the cool Curious George theme in her classroom. I loved looking at John's photos from his Airforce years. Way cool! Sharon always brings in current events that have been both enjoyable and useful to many. Brian shared all his drug resources. Dorothy recently told us about a great shoe sale and always has such well written comments. WOW. Bonnie and Andrea are new here. What brave souls to post during one of our heated political discussions. Peter upsets our perfect little kingdom but it keeps things lively. Dr. Ed and BG are not going to give me conserativitis (I had my vaccination). Bev is such a sweetheart and I hope she's doing well. @};-@};-@};- Here are some flowers for your garden next summer. I'm still getting to know Phil. Judy always adds fun to each discussion and we are thinking of you sweetie. Julie who had the guts to share her feelings in an open forum...thanks. Welcome home. Kathy and Pam are such cool headed ladies that I admire a great deal. And I know I have missed some wonderful people because I'm on this dang Neurontin. SO PLEASE POST AWAY. Aside from that I'm running out of ideas.

best wishes to you this evening, marie

Re: rambling... politics and FEET

Carole C in NOLA on 9/15/03 at 21:08 (130139)


You're right; other than not being able to walk back to the car yesterday, I've been having a great time! And it all worked out well, since Frank had to be at a meeting today, so since I didn't go I didn't have to do much walking. Frank seems very understanding but I hate to 'push' his understanding; I'm afraid of not being very much fun. Also, I don't know what he is really thinking; he's very polite, and so he might not say anything if he thought I was exaggerating. Still, he is kind and helpful to me. He has never had foot problems. However, he has arthritis so sometimes the tables are turned.

At the French Market I bought two Englehardt prints. They cost nearly nothing. One of them is a color sketch of Royal St. in the French Quarter, and the other is looking at St. Louis Cathedral from Orleans St. That is an unusual view since it is not the front of the Cathedral and it's sort of peeping at it from the back side down a quiet street. The typical drawing of the St. Louis Cathedral is done from Jackson Square and shows the front side of the cathedral. All this is in the French Quarter. Both prints are very colorful depictions of French Quarter life and architecture, with balconies with very elaborate cast iron work and so on.

I'm very pleased with the way that I matted and framed them, because it's the first time I've tried that and they look a lot better than I expected. I hung them in the den for now, right by the French doors, but I think that eventually I may move them to the living room or somewhere else. Despite being 12x16' each, they have a lot of detail; so they need to be in a place where they always will be viewed close up rather than from a distance.

When I bought the frames for the prints, everything was half price. So, in addition to the frames, I bought a drawing of roses in an ornate and bright gold frame. I love roses! I put that in the bathroom since it was just absolutely meant to be there.

You are right! I like acquiring drawings, paintings, and prints, so I think that I will start thinking of this artwork as my collection. I am very picky about artwork, and I don't just buy anything. I enjoy shopping for the rare print or painting that is reasonably inexpensive and within my budget, and yet catches my imagination. I don't buy one unless it absolutely intrigues me and is something that I know will add to my quality of life every day. It's easy to spend a lot of money on artwork, but to me it's more challenging and fun to look for something fascinating and yet affordable. Luckily New Orleans is a great place to find reasonably priced artwork, and I'm in no hurry to buy because I enjoy the shopping part of it.

My feet are still achy but MUCH happier after resting most of the day. Yesterday I thought they would break in two, so this is much better. It is so wonderful to see Frank again. Tomorrow I plan to spend another quiet morning while he writes, but then in the afternoon we plan to see the D-Day museum (since we got sidetracked yesterday).

It's still pretty hot and muggy here, as one might expect in New Orleans, but it is getting better and much cooler weather is predicted for the weekend. I will be so glad! :)

Carole C

Re: Admission

Peter R on 9/15/03 at 21:18 (130142)

Well as long as admissions are being made I'll make one also. My name is not really Peter R it's Ferdinand Magellan- no it's not Ferdinand you kn

Re: rambling... politics and FEET

Suzanne D on 9/15/03 at 21:23 (130144)

Oh, those paintings sound just right for your new house, Carole! How nice that you got them and were able to mat and frame them just right. That will make you enjoy them all the more.

When I was reading your post, I thought about something someone shared with me recently. It was about having 'splashes of joy' in your house - things that bring beauty and satisfaction to you because they strike your fancy and bring you pleasure. Just passing by and looking at them bring you joy. I hope that's what your new paintings do for you, Carole.

I liked what you said about it being 'more challenging and fun to look for something fascinating and yet affordable'. I think that way, too. I've never had much extra money, but I have often hunted around bargain places and found 'just the right thing', and it makes it even more special when found that way!

Enjoy tomorrow!
Suzanne :)

Re: Admission

Suzanne D on 9/15/03 at 21:42 (130146)

Yes, Marie, the criticizing of one another is usually when things seem to break down; you are right. I am a little 'extra-sensitive' to criticism as I've had a lot of it throughout my life. So that's one reason I never(well, almost never!) voluntarily put myself in situations which might bring that here on the board. It's just my choice.

And you're right: you do post about a host of topics of interest to a wide range of readers. You seem to be quite knowledgable about many subjects. Sometimes I feel I have digressed to the level of my students :> and don't have many complex ideas left in my brain!

I do enjoy the rich diversity among the posters. It reminds me of a patchwork quilt - made more interesting and beautiful because of the variety.

Take care,
Suzanne :)

Re: rambling... politics and FEET

Carole C in NOLA on 9/15/03 at 21:42 (130147)

Yes, that is it - - 'Splashes of joy' so well describes what I get out of these prints!!

Like you, I enjoy finding something very special that is a bargain. I do a lot more looking than buying. The nice thing about prints, artwork, and so on is that there is no rush so I don't feel pressed to buy anything that is dull.

Even including the frames and matting, each of these prints cost less than a paperback book that I almost bought last week. The book was on 'how to retire wisely', and I decided to just read about that on the net since I can't retire soon anyway.

The prints that I bought instead of the book are definitely splashes of joy on a shoestring. :)

Carole C

Re: rambling... politics and FEET

Suzanne D on 9/15/03 at 21:46 (130149)

I like that, Carole! 'splashes of joy on a shoestring' :) I'm going to remember that phrase.

Suzanne :)

Re: Admission

Dorothy on 9/15/03 at 23:09 (130164)

I don't like to think of your having criticism throughout your life; you seem like such a very warm,kind soul. But maybe knowing how that felt has made you more tenderhearted to others-as you are here, and one hopes, to yourself as well.

I love your 'old snowball' story. We have some great photos of my husband and me in Warren Co. We were pregnant, holding hands, walking down the center of the road - it was a snowday and all the schools were closed, including the university! About 3 inches of snow had fallen and the place closed down! It was so funny, how unused to snow they were, but we all had a lot of fun. We have lived in a lot of places, but it was some years later, in Michigan - in what they call 'the snowbelt' that we learned about snow. We even learned a new category of snow, 'lake effect snow' - but what that really meant was big, serious snow and lots of it, for very long winters. We loved it.

Take good care of yourself, Suzanne. I hope no one ever unfairly criticizes you again. What you deserve is praise and words of appreciation and I hope you get plenty of them. Best wishes ~

Re: To Sharon, John, Ed, Suzanne, Marie, and Kathy

Julie on 9/16/03 at 02:19 (130172)

Thank you very much indeed for your warm responses. I really appreciate them.

Re: To Sharon, John, Ed, Suzanne, Marie, and Kathy

Dorothy on 9/16/03 at 03:35 (130180)

Julie ~

If you are the Julie of the famed Julie's Yoga exercises, then thanks.
Your Foot Fellows here, or is it your Former Foot Fellows here, seem very happy by your return. Or have you returned? I find the whole Julie episode rather confusing. First, people alluding to you, as if you are an apparition, and saying mysterious things like '...but I don't think she will ever post here again...' and indicating that the politics were just too much and all...Then you are back but you are David; then you're not David, you're Julie, and several people said they thought as much. I mean, you have to admit it's pretty amazing. One day someone named David enters a message and someone - was it Phil? - begins to speculate that David is really Julie. I mean, what is going on here! Who IS Phil? Who IS Dr. Z? It's all very puzzling. I mean, if I read a post from someone named Fred, if I were adept would I know this was really Max? I don't know...this has gotten kind of spooky. No matter, it appears that you have made lots of people happy simply by revealing that David was really Julie and Julie may or may not be back. Does this mean that David will not be back? David seemed ok. A little political. A little inflexible - probably couldn't do much yoga. No, wait...

It seemed that a kind of hush happened when you emerged on the message board. It's all very spooky. Who are you really? You're Julie Andrews, aren't you? I bet that's it...well, What a Voice! You've made your Foot Friends happy be bringing it back! And Marie? She's really Maria from The Sound of Music, isn't she Julie ANDREWS? Ok, now it's all becoming clear...

Re: Admission

Peter R on 9/16/03 at 06:59 (130183)

Sorry for the unfinished post. All my other personalities got into a hassle as to whom was to be listed first.

Re: To Sharon, John, Ed, Suzanne, Marie, and Kathy

Sharon W on 9/16/03 at 08:37 (130190)


Well... you're pretty close with that Julie Andrews comparison... because Julie IS magical. She was a 'regular' here for a very long time, she has a special way with people, and everybody loves her.

Seems like almost everyone who had been posters here remembers a time when her words were the ones that really made the difference...


Re: To Sharon

Julie on 9/16/03 at 08:51 (130192)

Sharon, I think that's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. You've made me feel better. Thank you very much. (My voice is lower than Julie Andrews's though.)


Re: To Sharon, John, Ed, Suzanne, Marie, and Kathy

john h on 9/16/03 at 10:03 (130195)

Dorthy: You could be a writer for 'Days of Our Lives'? Is Steffano really dead?

Re: To John

Kathy G on 9/16/03 at 16:12 (130247)

Ah, John, the secret is out! You're a closet soap fan! At least, you are if there really is a Stefano on Days of our Lives. I've long suspected that you do nothing but sit in front of the TV, watching soaps all day. All this talk about having a job, working out at the club, walking. It was all a sham, wasn't it? And to think it took such a long time for you to admit it....:D

Re: Admission

Kathy G on 9/16/03 at 16:14 (130248)

Peter, you are truly insane!!:))

Re: Admission

marie on 9/16/03 at 18:50 (130275)

That's too funny!

Re: Admission

marie on 9/16/03 at 18:53 (130276)

So who was Saul? I remembered the Bible story about Paul who changed his name to Saul so I thought that it was someone who had changed their name too. I'm mystified.