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Healing on the fly

Posted by Mick B on 9/15/03 at 18:03 (130113)

Hi. I am a letter carrier who has been experencing pf for the last two weeks. I limped alot. My route is 100% walking so pf is something I had to deal with right away. I called the local pod today but he can't see me for 10 days. Three days ago I found this site and immmediately started taking ibuprofen, iced the heal and tapeing. The tape really helps in that I am pain free after 3 days. At work a guy is going to switch routes with me for 2 or 3 weeks if needed. His route is 20% walking and 80% driving.
I did it today and everything felt great. I will continue to tape and ice. So my question is as long as there is no pain and I take it as easy as possible, am I healing? A lot of people and drs talk of rest but this is about as rested at work as I'm going to get. Thanks to this site I feel that I caught it early and that I may be lucky. Also if you think I have a handle on this do I still need to go to the dr or can I wait awhile.

Thanks to all.


p.s. I am wearing my STARK WHITE tennis shoes at work against regs. You know how bad post office issued shoes are. Screw em. Ha.

Re: Healing on the fly

Dr. Z on 9/15/03 at 21:10 (130141)

Yes. Read the heel pain book. Taping is great. No bare feet. Tough to tell you are ok without examining. You are on the right track. I like heat not ice.

Re: Healing on the fly

BrianG on 9/16/03 at 12:05 (130216)

Hi Mick,

I just wanted to add that if you do go to see the doctor about your heel, tell him on your very first appointment, that you believe your heel pain is work related. It could be very important, later on, especially if you have to apply for workman's comp. Hopefully the job change will help you.

BrianG, not a doc

Re: Healing on the fly

john king on 9/16/03 at 12:27 (130219)


I was a postal worker as well with bad foot pain. What is going to help you is to get a riding route. It may not be the route you want but being on your feet 8 hours plus a day is just going to make it get worse. I don't know how old you are but imagine yourself in ten years and what your feet are going to be like.

Re: Healing on the fly

Dr. Z on 9/16/03 at 12:53 (130222)

Good point Brian. Also report this to your work

Re: Healing on the fly

Kathy G on 9/16/03 at 16:51 (130259)

My first thoughts, too, Mike. Oh, and I'm not a doctor. I just have PF. I have often wondered how many postal workers have it. We have one guy in town who has a walking route and he wears some unusual shoes. I can't tell what they are but I know they aren't regulation. He's not my mailman; I've just seen him.

I can't imagine how you could get better without switching over to a riding route. Just my opinion. I hope it all works out for you and you continue to improve. Be careful of your stomach with the Iburprofin (sp?). Take it on a full stomach as it can cause problems if taken longterm.

Good luck!

Re: My apologies - your name is Mick! :) nm

Kathy G on 9/16/03 at 16:53 (130260)

Re: Healing on the fly

Mick B on 9/16/03 at 21:26 (130307)

No problem Kathy. Thanks doc and all who responded. I filled out the proper forms today at work just to CMA. I think everything will turn out ok. Getting lots of help at work. Small office, only 7 city routes. Couple of old timers getting ready to retire and you know they have comfy routes.

Thanks again and I wish the best for everybody.


Re: Healing on the fly

Shirley R on 9/17/03 at 23:54 (130410)

Can someone please explain the taping method that was used? Also does Ultra sound therapy help?