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Happy Winter to you all

Posted by wendyn on 9/15/03 at 21:40 (130145)

Since we have a heavy snowfall warning this evening - I'm thinking Christmas Carols sound like a good idea!!!!

Any favourites?

Re: Happy Winter to you all

Suzanne D on 9/15/03 at 21:44 (130148)

My very favorite is 'Silent Night', Wendy. But I also love 'Frosty the Snowman'! :D

Here I was this afternoon enjoying the fact that the air felt COOL after a long hot spell, and you are getting snow!

Take care!
Suzanne :)

Re: Happy Winter to you all

Sharon W on 9/15/03 at 21:48 (130150)

I know this is ordinary, but I love 'Jingle Bells'... not so much the chorus, which is simply repetitive, but the lovely, picturesque verses...

And Jingle Bells is actually more of a winter anthem than a Christmas song, anyway... if you think about it.


Re: Happy Winter to you all

Carole C in NOLA on 9/15/03 at 21:53 (130151)

Wendy, heavy snowfall in September????? WOW!!! Believe it or not, that sounds heavenly from here in New Orleans. I am really looking forward to some of your great Canadian cold fronts when they begin to make their way down here in a few months.

This is the time of year when we southerners sincerely envy your weather. Yesterday I got so hot walking around the French Quarter. My face was probably beet red, and perspiration was dripping off my chin and the rest of me and filling my New Balance shoes. The antique stores had fans, which sounds nice but they were still very hot; really I could not have gone in at all without the fans. My legs and feet were swelled up like water balloons.

It wasn't supposed to have been THAT hot here; theoretically it was only around 90F or so. But Frank mentioned the heat too, today. I asked him if maybe it was just me, and he said no..... that he would have nearly collapsed had we gone further yesterday. As they say down here, it's not the heat, it's the humidity (I suppose).

Carole C

Re: I vote for "Frosty"!!! :) (nm)

Carole C in NOLA on 9/15/03 at 21:54 (130152)


Re: Happy Winter to you all

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/15/03 at 21:56 (130154)

A snowfall? How far north are you?

Re: Happy Winter to you all

wendyn on 9/16/03 at 07:18 (130186)

Calgary - (not far from Banff). (We are not that far north - but we are at a pretty high altitude)

It is not at all unusual to get some snow at this time of year for us. We did not get the 10 to 15 cm last night they predicted - there's just a 'skiff' this morning.

It will melt and then probably be sunny and hot for a while longer (during the day). It's the time of year when you have NO idea what to wear!!!

(Carole, as I freeze in my Birks today - I will envy your 90 degree weather for just a little while!!!)