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Going to the dr for the next 2 days

Posted by stella on 9/16/03 at 13:16 (130224)

Hello everyone :) Tomorrow i go to physical therapy hope that goes well. And then on thursday is the back dr to see if anything is going on with that and then THE MRI!!! helpppp im scared about that ... but it has to be done. My foot is still in a lot of pain but i find the birkenstocks are helping me but a little pressure on the foot with my walker around the house :) I put some cream on there last night just some overnight cream. And it felt good. The buring in my toes has lessened.. Maybe the evail is helping with the ultram. I did have my dr fill out the application for meds and i am waiting to hear back from pzifer to see if i can get any help so i can get neurotrin well ill keep u all informed bye

Re: Going to the dr for the next 2 days

Carol D. on 9/16/03 at 13:39 (130225)

Hi Stella.

I hope the MRI goes well. It just takes some 'positive thinking' to be still for nearly an hour, but I'm sure you will do fine. The MRI was a positive turning point for me. Good luck.

Carol D.

Re: Going to the dr for the next 2 days

Aly on 9/16/03 at 14:48 (130233)

Hi Stella,

No need to fear the MRI - the only risk is that you'll fall asleep from boredom! Or you may get a really bad itch that you're not allowed to scratch (have to keep completely still or it ruins the test).

Really, there's nothing to worry about.

Good luck! :)


Re: Going to the dr for the next 2 days

stella on 9/16/03 at 15:36 (130243)

Nothing like pressure ha ha ha I cant move at alll augh!! I had to do that with the bone scan i had back in jan i hated it

Re: Going to the dr for the next 2 days

Kathy G on 9/16/03 at 16:55 (130263)

Best of luck to you, Stella. Is there a chance that they would give you some Valium or Ativan prior to the MRI? Some doctors do it. It would make you sleepy so you'd have to have a ride home. You could ask.

We'll be thinking of you. Keep us posted!

Re: Going to the dr for the next 2 days

marie on 9/16/03 at 19:48 (130284)

Hi Stella,

I am so glad to hear that things are finally falling in place for you! The MRI will be a piece of cake compared to what you've been through. I had to have my head, neck, mid torso, and lumbar done when they were testing me for a bunch of stuff...that's another story...anyway it's not that bad. Sometimes they will give you ear phones with music which helps. It sounds like you have had some improvement and have adjusted to your Birkenstocks. I use a progesterone menopausal cream on my feet, ankles and knees daily. I don't know why but it helps. I think I hold more water since menopause and of course it's mostly in my ankles. Maybe that's it...but I'm not going to stop now because I don't want to have to crawl the way I had to for a year.

best wishes to you and keep us posted.


Re: Going to the dr for the next 2 days

stella on 9/16/03 at 21:27 (130308)

ya well i havent been driving since all this happened due to its my right foot with the tts and that and the dr told me not to put that pressure on it... anyways i dont know .... i just hope it goes well