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surgical recovery

Posted by JohnT on 9/17/03 at 11:10 (130329)

I had surgery for TTS on Aug 21. For anyone about to consider surgery I would suggest you be aware of the committment to the recovery period.
After 4 weeks, I have been through an infection and now the wound has opened and I'm still just elevating my foot and no weight bearing. If this is successful after the recovery it will be worth it, but I had no idea of the committment involved. I wish had been mentally prepared for the possible obstacles and a partial recovery period of 8-12 weeks, it would have made this easier to handle. Though my foot is not in pain, the monontony of doing nothing and the discomfort in my back and hip on one side from having to carry my weight has been very uncomfortable. Has anyone out there experienced these problems?

Re: surgical recovery

Dr. Z on 9/17/03 at 11:36 (130333)

This is long tough healing surgical procedure even without the infection and wound healing problem

Re: surgical recovery

Sharon W on 9/17/03 at 11:44 (130338)

I'm sorry that noone prepared you to expect a long healing process, but unfortunately you are not the only one to have been unprepared.

Obviously, the complications you've experienced (infection, the wound opening) have made your recovery even longer and more delicate than most. But it appears very few doctors are completely honest with their patients about what to expect from TTS surgery, BEFORE they go 'under the knife'.


Re: surgical recovery

stella on 9/17/03 at 19:09 (130377)

how true sharon :) I am still having problems four months later and still cant walk and now may have RSD.. so i feel ur pain. Thank god i never got an infection or anything but im in very much pain more then before i had surgery. I did my pt today and did well i think the whirlpool was nice but the shock thing wasnt it left a big red mark on my foot area but its cleared up now they said it was normal. Anyways tomorrow is my MRI wish me luck all

Re: surgical recovery

Sharon W on 9/17/03 at 19:26 (130378)

I wish you luck, Stella! Tho you will not need it; an MRI doesn't hurt. It's just NOISY! And tomorrow, it will all be over with.... so you won't have to dread it anymore! :)


Re: surgical recovery

wendyn on 9/17/03 at 22:47 (130400)

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time JohnT. From what I hear - the recovery is difficult even without the infection. It's too bad that most doctors don't seem to take the time to really explain the risks and benefits to their patients.

Re: surgical recovery

Carol D on 9/18/03 at 09:23 (130422)

Hang in there! I think you will be glad you've had the surgery. I am now 15 weeks post-op and have resumed almost all of my normal life (without pain!!)--the only exception is I have not returned to aerobics classes. I feel I was 'told' about the recovery process and it's probable lenght, but it is still a long hard time. I was lucky in not having your complications. I am delighted to be where I am in the healing process and want to encourage you to be patient.

Re: surgical recovery

boaz on 9/27/03 at 11:25 (131228)

i am reading all of those follow ups messages, and starting to think maybe i shouldn't have this operation that my doctor told me i should have.
what are you saying? should i worry? how long the healing is? i wish us all lot of health.

Re: surgical recovery

John T on 9/28/03 at 10:47 (131441)

Just make sure you ask your Dr. all the questions so that you are well informed. My Dr. is an excellent Dr. and he has helped me . I just didn't fully understand the length of recovery along with some of the complications I encountered.