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pain on side of foot

Posted by Katie C on 9/17/03 at 23:20 (130406)

Yesterday, upon removing my shoes (comfortable running sneakers with custom made orthotics for flat feet) after going for a walk, i felt a sharp pain on the left side of my left foot, directly under my little toe. It felt like a pebble was stuck in it, but i examined it carefully, and there are no foreign objects or cuts. The area is slightly swollen and red and pressing on it produces sharp but not severe pain. Same with walking on it. I've had this happen before, but it's never lasted for more than a few minutes. Any ideas what could be wrong and how i could fix it?

Re: pain on side of foot

Dr. Z on 9/19/03 at 08:01 (130507)

Sounds like a metatarsal bursitis . Maybe coming from the edge of your orthosis. Make sure the insert is all the back and sitting in the heel. May need a simple correction to the orthosis