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Sacrum, leg, heel and bunion pain

Posted by Jane R on 9/18/03 at 04:33 (130411)

I have had back problems for 20 years which have improved after various treatments (and provided I am careful about the kind of work I do). For the past year however, (I am in my 40s), I have been getting pain in the right leg, right knee and bunion bone, which seems to radiate from my lower back and right sacro-iliac. About 6 months ago I noticed my feet had become flatter and the ball of each foot felt like it had flattened under the toes. I also have the beginning of a bunion on the right foot. My GP said excess pronation. I found Orthoheels inserts helped but have not solved the problem and I have constant pain in my lower back, my legs are tender and sore (the muscles feel tight) and I have other aches and pains throughout my body. I do not know if the problem 'starts' at my feet or my lower back. I notice that when this is worse, I seem to be doing more work with (using) the right side of my body more than the left and the muscle on the right side of the spine is more raised. I also think I have a heel spur on the right foot. The right side is more painful. Can you help? Are their exercises I can do?