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plantar fasciitis

Posted by diane t. on 9/18/03 at 12:00 (130438)

Is there anyone out there that has this problem? Please contact me and let me know how you live with it.

Re: plantar fasciitis

Kathy G on 9/18/03 at 13:13 (130448)

Oh, man, Diane, have you come to the right place! I welcome you and I'm sorry you're a member of our club!

I suggest you peruse the boards and you'll pick up all kinds of information. And if you haven't already done it, do read Scott's Heel Pain Book which contains a wealth of information on PF.

How long have you had PF? How are you coping? You'll find many of us here have had it a long time and some of us are pretty much cured. The ways PF manifests itself is as diverse as the posters on the Board.

Welcome and please come back!

Re: plantar fasciitis

Bonnie on 9/18/03 at 14:47 (130465)

Welcome. If nothing else you get support from lots of people who know what you're going through.

Re: plantar fasciitis

marie on 9/18/03 at 17:07 (130474)

Hi diane,

As you can see we have a wealth of information and some of the most caring folks you'll ever make contact with on the internet right here. We owe this to Scott who has made all this possible.

Everyone is different but we all know what it means to be in chronic pain and often unable to walk, stand in line or just do daily chores. I never thought I'd miss grocery shopping but I will gladly go now as I have had a reasonable recovery. PF takes time to heal....a long time. I have PF and TTS. Many folks here have additonal health issues as well.....like diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgea, back problems.....so there is always someone who can talk to you.

Welcome aboard!

best wishes marie

Re: plantar fasciitis

diane t. on 9/19/03 at 01:42 (130501)

I have done about everything I can. The pain is great because I stand on my feet all day at work. Birkenstock shoes helped a great deal at first but now they don't even help. What about new balance shoes? How did you get to get better?
diane t.