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active release tech. - what should I expect

Posted by AndreaR on 9/18/03 at 14:23 (130459)

I have an appointment on Monday. I was just wondering what to expect. Does it hurt. Is there any way to prepare for it.

Re: active release tech. - what should I expect

Aly on 9/19/03 at 08:41 (130516)

Hi Andrea,

I haven't had my first appointment yet, so I can't tell you much about preparation, but I have heard that it does hurt. I guess that's to be expected, given that they're working on tender areas etc.

My apointment is next Friday. Can you write on Monday or Tuesday and let me know how yours went? I'd appreciate it!


Re: active release tech. - what should I expect

Pamela S on 9/19/03 at 19:16 (130562)

I have had ART. Yes, it does hurt! However, I found it to really help, as well. What you'll find the practitioner does is to try and break up the adhesions and scar tissue, and mobilize everything. Before I went, I had been doing alot of that type of work myself (massaging, breaking up scar tissue), so I was somewhat used to it. I was commended for the work I had already done on myself! However, if you haven't been doing something of this type already and you have an appointment on Monday, don't start now!

I swear, the ART practitioner must have as a part of the job description the need to have thumbs of steel!

Re: active release tech. - what should I expect

HilaryG on 9/21/03 at 07:49 (130610)

Hi- Active Relase is the only thing that worked for me. It does hurt but not terribly. For example it is nowhere near as painful as a cortisone shot, (which you may or may not have had). Although some of the pods here do not see it as a cure, Active Release cured me of Plantar Fasciitis. I had previously been to 2 pods and 1 orth (1 of the pods and the orth are considered among the best in NYC, but I don't wish to name names). Active Release is unbelievable. I have no understanding of how or why it works, but it has given me back my life. I can walk more than I have in 20 yrs. Also, my partner had surgery for PF a couple of yrs ago, but when she started to have pain in her other foot she went for ART and it has cured her too. Please do not give up on it because of the pain. It will be worth it. Hilary

Re: active release tech. - what should I expect

carolyn s on 9/21/03 at 20:02 (130649)

I have had two surgeries for morton's neuroma, top of foot and bottom!!
needless to say exteme pain on ball of foot. Also had cortisone injections
i guess I have adhesions..Just some relief needed.. am nurse on feet all day!!!