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Therapy during post-ESWT healing?

Posted by chrisb on 9/18/03 at 15:15 (130468)

Hello all.
My pf has been severe. Docs suspect some nerve entrapment but diagnoses have been unclear. Surgery has been mentioned so I took myself for ESWT.
I had 3 treatments over 4 days with the Sonocur machine 2 weeks ago. Since then I've been walking only around the house in orthotics, limited careful bicycling, calf/achilles stretches and some massage therapy. I'm wondering if there are other things I should be doing or if I should be pushing it more. This is my big chance so I want to do everything by the book. I'd appreciate any advice. At what point should I start stretching by pulling back on my toes? My massage therapist wants to get more aggressive on the heel and I've been saying no -- deep massage is not recommended, right?

Is it alright to take MSM supplements during this post-ESWT period?

By the way, for anyone considering ESWT on the Sonocur, it was interesting. You can see your fascia on the in-line ultrasound and the cross-hairs on the machine targeted my painful spot. After the first day treatment the pain was completely gone when I pushed on the insertion spot, and it was also reduced during very limited walking. The same happened after the other 2 treatments. I was told to expect this analgesic effect may wear off after a few days, which it did. After that, last week was a bit more painful than usual but as of yesterday things seem to be slightly improving. I walked nearly half a block without my cane last night which may not sound like much, but -- for me lately -- is encouraging.
Wish me luck.

Re: Therapy during post-ESWT healing?

Dr. Z on 9/20/03 at 14:00 (130592)

Time is the key. As you know it takes at least six weeks for some people to start to see improvement. In your specific case it may take months for a vast improvement. Don't push yourself