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Hillary-Foot Massager

Posted by john h on 9/18/03 at 18:30 (130480)

Hillary: The massager is strangely enough called the Sharper Image Foot Massager. On the back it reads Accuvibe.

Re: Hillary-Foot Massager

HilaryG on 9/18/03 at 19:44 (130484)

john Thanks, Hilary

Re: Hillary-Foot Massager

Aly on 9/22/03 at 12:30 (130685)

Hi Hilary,

I was at Sharper Image yesterday and tried out 3 of their foot massagers that they had out (did not see the one John referred to or I would have tried that too). Of the 3 I tried, I liked the Equalizer and I think I'm going to get one! Left my feet and calves all tingly. It's on their website at http://www.sharperimage.com/us/en/catalog/categoryview.jhtml?catid=105&s=21&e=30&pcatid=1 - click on the bottom right picture.
Just another option! :)

Re: Hilary-Foot Massager

HilaryG on 9/22/03 at 13:19 (130688)

Thanks, Aly. I think the one John recommended is no longer available. I might try the equalizer too. Let me know how it works out for you. Also, please keep us posted on your upcoming ART. Hilary

Re: Hilary-Foot Massager

Aly on 9/22/03 at 13:25 (130689)

Oh, it'll be a few months before I can report on the massager, since I'll be asking Santa to bring it for me! :)