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Posted by stella on 9/18/03 at 19:56 (130485)

Hey everyone :) went to both drs today. Good news is there is no way it could be related with my back cause the swelling and pain is all around the incision area and my heel. He told me i have a slim chance for RSD so thats good!! The mri went ok i was scared but had headphones hardest part was being still LOL... i thought i would have to pee lol.. but it went well foot is very sore today but then again i have been up and down ... well take care


marie on 9/19/03 at 21:58 (130575)

Phew!!!! I bet you're glad that's over. I had wondered about RSD from what you described in your previous messages. The holding still part is the worst. I remember when they were doing my shoulders. I was having problems with my fingers jerking and twitching out of control. The radiologist insisted I have my hands on my stomach. I did my best to hold still but my middle finger kept jerking up. I swore to the radiologist that I wasn't flipping him off. LOL We finally had to put both hands down at my sides. It took several trys to get it done.



stella on 9/19/03 at 23:59 (130581)

ha ha ha that was funnyyyyy... ya i had my hands on my chest like and i was shaking a bit but its from being still so long.. i hope the results find something cause this foot just isnt getting better