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Foot Surgery Toe shortening and hammertoes!

Posted by mpeterson on 9/19/03 at 00:32 (130499)

I had surgery to correct my imperfect feet. My hammertoes! I am so unhappy now because my 3rd toe, both feet is now shorter than all the other toes! I still have bunions I need to take care of...(damn heretitary genes!) I am looking into the newest trend of TOE SHORTENING. I love high heels, and now that it's become a huge trend--women are getting their toes shortened. Sounds great to me! People want to pretend that feet aren't that important--but it is! I love trendy and cute shoes, but feel ashamed when people look at my opened toed shoes and say 'what's wrong with your toes?' If you are looking into surgery, be sure to see prior work the doctor has done. Podiatrist think in terms of 'comfort.' not cosmetic. Check out a doctor in NY who specialized in making your feet look as good as they'll feel! I can't wait to go to her!


Re: Foot Surgery Toe shortening and hammertoes!

Dr. Z on 9/19/03 at 08:05 (130508)

cosmetic foot surgery isn't safe and isn't covered by any health insurance. Sorry you are looking for trouble if you get down that path.

Re: Foot Surgery Toe shortening and hammertoes!

jackiem on 9/19/03 at 13:39 (130540)

Bless you, Im all for trying to change something if you dont like it. But think carefully before you choose surgery. I would have chosen pain free feet no matter what they looked like, over the pain of heel spurs any day.
Good Luck.

Re: Foot Surgery Toe shortening and hammertoes!

debbie k on 9/21/03 at 20:51 (130654)

hi, i'm looking for info. on toe shortening and the cost of the surgery. thanks

Re: Foot Surgery Toe shortening and hammertoes!

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/22/03 at 21:09 (130743)

I'll second that statement.

Re: Foot Surgery Toe shortening and hammertoes!

vic.o on 9/23/03 at 12:28 (130804)

I am interested in toe shortening and the procedure involved. People say that it is dangerous, and although i have seen worse feet than mine, i have in recent years become preoccupied with the way my feet look. If it is dangerous...why? Is it any more dangerous than other cosmetic procedures? As they all carry risks. And could anybody recommend a specialist in England that i could speak to (as they all seem to be American) and also about the cost of the procedure?

Re: Foot Surgery Toe shortening and hammertoes!

MarA on 11/23/03 at 19:58 (138502)

I have been looking into cosmetic toe-shortening surgery for years. I was told it was unsafe. My 2nd to 4th toes are extremely long and I have very small baby-toes. I can never wear open-toed sandals and I hide my feet all summer long. Going any place where shoes are not appropriate (like the pool or beach)is agony! Is there any chance this surgery will be safer in the future?

Re: Foot Surgery Toe shortening and hammertoes!

Pauline on 11/23/03 at 20:50 (138512)

We recently had another poster who had her toes shortened and is having difficulty. Hopefully she will respond to your post.

This is not a surgery to take lightly. Sounds easy enough, but like her you could end up with problems.

My suggestion is that you do a search on Scott's surgery board and spend 3 months reading it to get a good handle on surgery outcomes.

Do all your homework ahead of time and seek several opinions before you jump into this cosmetic surgery. Unlike a face you have to walk on your feet. If you experience complications you could be walking in pain the rest of your life. Ask your self if your ready to do that before you under go the knife.

Remember no guarantees come with any surgical procedure.

Sometimes what we are most self conscience about is never noticed by others. We may think it is, but it really isn't. I for one have yet to look at anyone feet around a pool men or women. Lots better things to look at I guess. I'd much rather look at a muscular chest with gold chains than feet. Maybe in reality your the only one noticing yours.

Please take your time on this decision.

Re: Foot Surgery Toe shortening and hammertoes!

Julie on 11/24/03 at 08:06 (138535)


If you click on 'View thread' next to this post or your own, you'll see that several months ago two doctors gave their opinion in no uncertain terms of cosmetic foot surgery.

I'm sure no-one but you notices your toes, or cares whether they're short or long. But everyone will notice you limping painfully after unnecessary foot surgery that may easily go wrong.