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I knew I was right

Posted by john h on 9/19/03 at 09:54 (130518)

Sandals and socks!

There is a TV program called 'Extreme Makeover'. On the show people are selected to have an extreme makeover in Hollywood. They often have plastic surgery, dental surgery, liposuction, new hairdos and color, new makeup, new clothing, even new hair if needed. They usually leave thier familes and are gone for several months. They then come home and with all their family,friends,etc appear from behind a curtin as the new person. I would imagine some of these people easily have well over $100,000 worth of medical treatments. Anyway to my point- they have a fashion guru who selects you clothing,shoes,etc for them.

Last night the fashion police arrived at the guy's hotel who was having an extreme makeover. The guy had on shorts, sandals with socks. The first thing the fashon guru said was 'sandals and socks!' 'that is a no no. Do you think you are in college?'

As I often have told you girls listen to me and sack those socks with your birks or the fashion police will get you.

Re: I knew I was right

marie on 9/19/03 at 11:02 (130526)

No way!:)

Re: I knew I was right

Suzanne D on 9/19/03 at 16:32 (130552)

Oh, but John, maybe they'll think we're really still in college if we wear our socks with our Birks! :D

Suzanne :)