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I love your sight!! Some advice??

Posted by Jon W. on 9/19/03 at 12:29 (130531)

I know and understand you cannot give medical advice, but after finding your sight I have been elated about some of the relief I have found, and methods I have come up with using your knowledge about the operation of the foot and pf. 4 years ago I turned down a rafting trip (Which would have been FUN)as a work retreat, because I thought I had sprained the muscles across my foot and/or my achiles. I know you may have heard this before, but the strange part about the symptoms was that it was horendous in the morning, seemed to stretch itself out as I would naturally stretch it as I was walking, and then as the day progressed would get worse and worse. 1 year ago it became nearly debilitating, but being both stubborn and at the lower end of middle class, (Higher end of lower class really!) in salary range, I kept on plugging away around doctors appointments. I was diagnosed with pf and given a shot of cortazone, which provided relief for about 2 months. At that point I'd read up on orthotics and found chiropractors sold them for a lot less than podiatrists, and after waiting for them to arrive, found they were not much better than custom fit drug store style supports. Went to a different foot Dr. who started with pt, stretching, icing, told me to walk through the pain as my constant limping was causing injury to my L knee, R hip and lower back, then moved to orthotics, that provided quite a bit of relief for my R foot to the point I would tell her my R foot was better (until she would apply pressure just below and to the inside of my heel!!). My left foot still hurts badly and after the last apointment with a shot of cortozone that offered no relief I was offered surgery and have tentatively signed up for it. I get tingleing sensations in my smaller toes and heel from time to time my toes feel numb, and after visiting your sight and reading about the mechanics of the foot discovered that a 'march' (not allowing either leg to trail and put extra pressure on the feet) has done wonders, I am taking MSM orally and applying DMSO directly (since yesterday). Due to digestion reasons I have discontinued the doctors prescribed endomethycin as I have taken it for 8 months now, and have considered finding other work as I manage a coffee shop and am on my feet from 8-14 hours a day at times. I am not functioning well at work, I have crawled from one side of my house to another, and if I would ruin my pants on the ground at work I have considered it there!! I haven't tried DMSO long enough to have an indication of how well it is working, and am still scheduled for foot surgery, but am scared about mixed results of others who have had it done. Any advice would be helpful... RSVP

Re: I love your sight!! Some advice??

Dr. Z on 9/19/03 at 17:53 (130560)

Read the heel pain. book. Try to avoid any foot surgery if possible. I have used ESWT for chronic plantar fasciitis. Need to determine why you are getting tingling and numbness in your toe areas. This could be TTS.
STOP the indomethocin. This is destroy your stomach and can cause bleeding ulceration in your digestive track. Try taping.

Re: I love your sight!! Some advice??

Dorothy on 10/08/03 at 15:04 (132863)

Jon W.~ Are you still reading here? You only wrote once and seemed to have joined in while lots of other discussions were in progression. The very nice and very observant Dr. Z wrote back to you with good advice and then there was no more communication from you or others. I hope you got the information you wanted here. If not, try again. Discussions are getting sorted out, but there are people reading and listening.