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Where is everybody

Posted by Peter R on 9/21/03 at 09:40 (130613)

No posts for 24 hours?? strange occurance

Re: Where is everybody

John H on 9/21/03 at 11:32 (130618)

Peter: I have been sitting in a closest contemplating your words of wisdom.

Re: Where is everybody

marie on 9/21/03 at 11:41 (130619)


We've been out dancing and having fun! My hubby and I were able to hook up with some old friends. One of my students had asked me if I knew his old elementry art teacher. I told him I knew him well as my hubby use to play music with him at a local bar/restaurant. They called themselves 'well respected men' the name of an old Kinks song. We hadn't seen him in a few years. The next day my student told me he saw that our old friend was playing music at a local (Ohio) bar/restaurant. So we went and enjoyed some wonderful music. We were able to visit with several old friends who teach art at a nearby college. Our oldest son went with us. He is the one I mentioned who is a Chem E. major. He is also a classical pianist and also loves music from the 60s and 70s. He was surprised that we knew people like that. You know...artists. While there we found out that the new owners of the restaurant/bar were also former band parents that we hadn't seen in a while. It was meant to be.

So what have you been up to Peter? I bet the leaves are about or are turning color where you live. Sometime you will have to post some photos of your land. It sounds beautiful.

best wishes marie

Re: Digging out of the rubble

R C on 9/21/03 at 11:54 (130621)

Well, we just finished tidying up the yard and the house afterhurricane Isabel's visit. We were pretty lucky -- I thought for sure that some of the tall pines would come crashing through a window, but they didn't this time. I just put up the bird feeders that I had stowed away before the storm hit. Within a few minutes all of the feeders were swarmed with hungry birds. I see two Cardinals, titmice, chickadees, one woodpecker, some doves. There is a squirrel where I dumped some corn on the ground for the critters. There will be as many as eight when word gets around. I guess the storm shook them up pretty badly.

Re: Digging out of the rubble

marie on 9/21/03 at 12:08 (130622)

I'm so glad to hear you are ok. Did you have to leave? I know I'd be pretty shook up if I was out in Isabel. How kind you are to think of the critters.


Re: Where is everybody

Dr. Z on 9/21/03 at 13:45 (130627)


I want to go back to another subject. Would you place me in contact with doctors doing ESWT for either non-insertional and insertional achilles tendonitis. All of my techniques for this condition has been developed with my own experience. I am trying to find a doctor anywhere who we can compare our results, technique. Always looking for improvement and re-finement. I have been in contact with both healthronics and dornier. Even doctors in Canada. No help or experience. I am talking about high energy for insetional tendonitis. I really have alot to offer ( four years of treatments) but I would like to have someone to talk, for any other information that might be out there. The information that you already give me is non-insertional I have been using since the dornier came out. I don't use any local anesthesia for non-insertional . Any help

Re: Where is everybody

Peter R on 9/21/03 at 14:29 (130628)

That is a wise thing to do but you must suck your thumb at the same time.

Re: Where is everybody

Peter R on 9/21/03 at 14:33 (130629)

When they turn I will try but I may be going to San Diego in October for the winter.

Re: Where is everybody

Peter R on 9/21/03 at 14:48 (130630)

I would discuss this with you but not in this forum. Can I e-mail you ?

Re: Where is everybody

Dr. Z on 9/21/03 at 14:53 (130631)

(email removed).

Re: Digging out of the rubble

R C on 9/22/03 at 23:41 (130775)


We probably could have stayed at the house, since we are not in a flood zone. But I thought we might still be more comfortable in a hotel very close by -- it's steel reinforced concrete, on high ground, and there was 24/7 room service. Very helpful, if you have two babies and elders to care for.