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Plantar Fac and more suggestions?

Posted by CarolAnn B. on 9/21/03 at 18:01 (130635)

I have been struggling with P. F for about 1 1/2 years. I am on my feet quite a bit at work and can't seem to shake this. I had the same thing on my other foot about 3 years ago and it went away in about 4 mos ...I switched shoes and tried some chiropractic adjustments and it seemed fine. NOw, the other foot is acting up. It seemed like both feet started acting up after we moved to a difft home and decided to go without shoes in the home. WRONG IDEA! Now of course I am back to shoes. Here is what I have done. It has been diagnosed as PF by the way. I have tried Physical therapy for about 2 weeks. Seemed maybe 20 % better. I have used magnets that a trainer that I work out at the gym suggested. Nothing. I have gone back to chiro and helped maybe a little. I use ice, try and rest. Don't do the stepper when working out but switch to the bike and no treadmill either. It is getting better but I have a hard time trying to figure out what might aggravate it. I am not overweight, or only by a few pounds to my standard (I am right in line with drs charts for weight). I do the streching suggested by PT...the runners stretch and yoga stretches on this site. I stretch on a step and before I get out of bed in the morning. I have used a nite splint for about 2 mos. I don't get it...I have a few good days and other days that it really hurts. I find even though I am on my feet during the week I do sit at my desk on the computer the rest of the time so I have some relief. On the weekends it's catch up time and I am on my feet quite a bit and sometimes it hurts more but I get busy and I suppose that I don't rest as much on weekends as during the week. I am desperate, but will not consider the shots or surgery. My insurance will not cover any inserts/orthodics. When the PT guy was working with me, he tried some hand made slip in orthodics and it seemed to throw my whole body off including my neck etc...I tried to wear them a little at a time but that didn't seem to do it. He didn't feel at that point that I would beneift from an expensive pair of orthodics. I am considering another round of PT as my last one was last christmas. Ins will pay for that and since I have met my deductable it would just be my time that I am out of. I appreciate any suggestions. I know this is lengthy but I wanted you to know my specifics of my case.
Thank you in advance.

Re: Plantar Fac and more suggestions?

Dr. David S. Wander on 9/21/03 at 18:58 (130643)

If you would like to try an excellent over-the-counter orthotic, I would highly recommend a pair of 'PowerSteps'. This can be found at Powerstep.com (I have no financial interest in this company). It is an excellent product that I have found extremely beneficial for my patients and the cost is around $35.00. I know that Dr. Z also uses this product in his office with success. Additionally, a good running shoe such as a New Balance or Asics may be beneficial. I am also a proponent of a shoe called 'Merrell's', which are basically a cross between a sneaker, hiking shoe and clog. There are many styles and most have excellent support. Powersteps also fit in Merrell's perfectly.

Have you seen a podiatrist or had the plantar fascia taped/strapped to see if there was relief? If there was relief with the taping, the PowerSteps may be an economical treatment option.

Re: Plantar Fac and more suggestions?

Mike W on 9/21/03 at 20:14 (130650)

Hello CarolAnn,

Most traditional PT stretches/exercises are ineffective because they are physiologically incorrect and some even are dangerous.

If you wanr to learn some effective PF exercises and ones to avoid than please go to my website http://www.foottrainer.com and click PF and then incorrect exercises.


Mike W

Re: question for Dr. Wander

Pam S. on 9/21/03 at 22:38 (130661)

Dear Dr. Wander:
I am a person who has TTS and PF and has difficulty tolerating orthodics. Do you think the Powerstep would be a possibility for me? I have tried many types of custom made types, cork, sponge type material that is soft...you name it. My pain just seems to get worse with them.

Do you agree that there a some people that just cannot tolerate othodics at all? I had really given up on this but now I am reconsidering for some reason. Also, I am considering the SDOs with the gel. Sounds easy on my tender feet. Most docs you see are not aware of these products so it is hard to get advice. I have a new prescription for orthodics and a long list of places to go to get them made. What is your opinion of the SDOs? thanks for you time, Pam

Re: question for Dr. Wander

Pam S. on 9/21/03 at 22:50 (130662)

Dr. Wander:
I was just reading another of your posts. I am NOT a runner. I just want to go on a 30 minute walk. It is important that I exercise because I have fibromyalgia. This could be a reason why I am so sensitive. THX again, Pam

Re: question for Dr. Wander

Dr. David S. Wander on 9/22/03 at 13:10 (130687)

I have no experience with the SDO's, though I did have a phone conversation with Dr. Kiper, the founder of the product. The product is expensive, but if the company offers a guarantee it may be worth a try. I have had tremendous success with PowerSteps in my practice, and at$35.00 it's certainly affordable for most patients. If you purchase the product from the compnay website, there is also a 30 day guarantee for a full refund.