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Photographs from California.......

Posted by marie on 9/21/03 at 19:56 (130648)

.....Michigan. We went to Allen Michigan today. Allen is the best place in the world to flea market and antique shop. I was able to find some great Christmas gifts. Which takes me back to Necee's post about collecting. I bought 3 Beatles albums for the oldest son, Two nice Star Trek games and a pocket watch (1919) for my younger son, and the first issue of Rolling Stone magazine in 1967 for my hubby. My family collects this stuff. I did buy a horse figure for myself.

On the way back we took the back roads through Amish country. We went through the town of California. There was an Amish gathering so horse and buggies were everywhere. I never photograph the Amish without permission as I respect their religion. Here are a few shots that I took. I am still collecting images for paintings. I hope to get at least 6 done this winter....we'll see.


Re: Photographs from California.......

Sandra D on 9/21/03 at 20:24 (130653)

Thanks Marie for the pictures. I always enjoy the pictures you send.
Sandra D.

Re: Photographs from California.......

marie on 9/23/03 at 19:13 (130837)

Hi Sandra,

The California Town Hall is the only building in the town. There were a few homes but that was it. What you don't see are the two blood hounds and a black lab that came after me while I was taking the photo. I just made it in the vehicle in time. My hubby said 'Why are you running, be careful.'....'I said H-E-L-L-O there are..... and' before I said it one of the blood hounds jumped at the window. He left pretty fast.