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very frustrated!!!

Posted by stella on 9/22/03 at 17:01 (130709)

Hi everyone!! Just me does anyone have any ideas what i can do here???? I am lost for all hope. I have no money and have tried disablity and sent the appeal a month ago but they are still overlooking my case they said today ha ha. And public aid just wont help in this stupid state their advice is to get pregnant nice i know. And i got the letter back today from needy meds and they need all my tax info now to process my claim!!! GOOD GOD!! So when i thought i was making process i wasn't. Any other ideas of what i can do for money?? All these at home jobs are scams. And i need some source of income im flat broke!!!! And have been since feb!!! thanks

Re: very frustrated!!!

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/22/03 at 20:38 (130733)

Have you consulted an attorney who specializes in disability cases? It can be a tangled web so often, an attorney is needed to untangle things.

Re: very frustrated!!!

stella on 9/22/03 at 21:51 (130760)

i have a lawyer yes!! And hes gonna try and help me with SSI but i have called and they havent made a decision on my case :(

Re: very frustrated!!!

marie on 9/23/03 at 11:06 (130798)


They almost never grant disability the first time through. Your atorney should have gone over this with you. There are many who just want to scam the government for money. Their hope is that people will give up. I strongly encourage you to find an attorney who specializes in disability. You can count on being broke for about two years so pull yourself together and get whatever records you need to provide for them. Basically it's their way or the highway. Don't give up so easily that's what they want. In the mean time go to the welfare office and see if you qualify for food stamps and assistance. Unfortunately it's just how it works.


Re: very frustrated!!!

JoAnn M on 9/24/03 at 00:30 (130859)

Stella,some cities have their own type of assistance check with your local cities information center.Have you tried Catholic services?If their is an office in your community,it should be listed in the phone book,and no,you don't have to be a Catholic.If I think of anything else,I will post again.JoAnn M