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Help for shoe idea

Posted by Anita C on 9/23/03 at 16:10 (130825)

I am looking for a good foot doctor to listen to my shoe idea and Maybe put name and product together. An idea that I think is state of the art. I wish to only start by asking you questions to see if you are educated about the foot, toes. and shoes. I believe my idea will solve most foot problems.

Re: Help for shoe idea

Dr. David S. Wander on 9/24/03 at 20:07 (130941)

Anita, you've certainly got my attention. I would hope that after 18 years in practice that I am educated about the foot, toes and shoes. I'd be happy to 'listen' to your ideas if you'd like to email me at (email removed) or call me at 215-725-1092. I'd be happy to answer your questions and hopefully give my advice or point you in the right direction if there are any questions that I can't answer.

Re: Help for shoe idea

Dr. Z on 9/24/03 at 20:38 (130949)

I love new idea. Ask me anything you want. here or (email removed)

Re: Help for shoe idea

Anita C on 9/28/03 at 14:39 (131548)

Hello Dr Z.
How long have you been a foot Dr.? What do you think of liquid insert in shoes? Are you will to speak to me about my idea? I know I haven't told you my idea yet but I don't wish to give my secret away just yet. I have spoken with alot of people and I would like to ( with maybe your help) put my idea together and than market it. What are your thoughts? I have an inventers kit by an attorney. I believe by having a DR. involved would make this idea fly. Thank you. Anita C