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New internet worm

Posted by Kathy G on 9/23/03 at 17:57 (130831)

For those of you who have not heard about it, there's a new worm that attaches itself to your address book as well as deactivating your virus software. It comes in an email supposedly from Microsoft that says it contains a patch to prevent a virus. Microsoft never sends email containing patches but apparently a number of people have opened it as it looks official.

Anyone who downloads of uploads music from Kazaa is particularly at risk and I know a number of you have college students out there and so many of them use it.

Just a heads-up!

Re: New internet worm

marie on 9/23/03 at 19:06 (130836)

Kaza UGH! My son downloaded Kaza and it reaked havoc on our pc. It cost $200. to repair. Of course we handed him the bill. He learned his lesson with Kaza the hard way.


Re: New internet worm

Richard, C.Ped on 9/24/03 at 11:09 (130876)

I have been getting emails with all kinds of different names trying to look as if Microsoft is sending them. All of them have a 144k attachment. I delete them on the spot.

I also downloaded Kazza (sp?) at my brother in laws advice. Man! It slowed down the computer and I had all kinds of weird stuff going on. I deleted every bit of it after one day and I have had no problems since. knock wood.

Re: New internet worm

Kathy G on 9/24/03 at 12:30 (130882)


Were I to do something illegal and download music, which of course, I would never do, WinMx is excellent. It runs smooth, has no spyware and if you set your settings properly, no one can download music from you which is what the music industry is going after people for.

I've just heard this from other people!;)

Re: New internet worm

JudyS on 9/24/03 at 13:23 (130891)

Thanks for the timely advice, Kathy. I heard about that virus yesterday and was just getting ready to do a Microsoft update. And can you believe it - my son insists on installing Kazaa every time he is home from college. He JUST left to go back to school yesterday and, yep, there's Kazaa all over my desktop!
I've been pretty happy with WinMX and I don't feel that I'm doing anything illegal because all of the music available via WinMX is pretty old.

Re: New internet worm

JudyS on 9/24/03 at 13:26 (130892)

Right Richard - every time my son puts Kazaa on my PC it slows things way down and generally makes things confusing. It also seems to invite a plethora of popups.
So, you might ask, why do I keep letting him put Kazaa on my PC? Because I know I'll uninstall it the minute he leaves!

Re: New internet worm

Peter R on 9/24/03 at 15:03 (130901)

There is a worm that spoofs your e-mail address. If you are getting returned mail from addresses that you did not send to or returned mail coming back from 'daemon' view the header, look at the info after 'received' then go to http://www.whois.com , plug in the ip address and it will tell you the ISP that it came from. You then can let them know that they are being used for fraudulent e-mailings.