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leg cramps/blood clots

Posted by Kathryn P. on 9/24/03 at 08:46 (130867)

I had surgery on my achillies tendon over 3 years ago, and 11 doctors, I still have major problems. I am on quinine for legscramps, now, I need to know if leg cramps can cause blood clots. I need to know right away!!!! All docs sat nothing can be done for me, the first doctor messed me up big time. He dropped me like hot molton lava after he saw what he had done. I had tried to get an attorney before SOL ran out but no attorney would take my case without me proving his botched up job. DUH, isn't it the attorneys job to find these things out? I posted over a year ago and got super advice, I need your help again. I will appreciate any help given. Thanks, Kathryn P.