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Shoes? Arch Supports? SDO? Straps? Where to go???

Posted by Dennis C on 9/24/03 at 11:00 (130874)

I have been suffering with foot/hill pain for nearly 12 months (some days worse than others) and had hoped it would go away. During a business flight I noticed in one of the airline gadget magazines several devices to relieve PF. After researching PF, on this site, I determined that I have 99% of the symptoms of PF. I had hope that the pain would go away just as mysteriously as it appeared, but after reading a lot about PF, it appears that I need to be proactive. PF is only in my right foot and I have high arches. I have never had foot problems until now. I am 45 and 189lbs.

What determines a good shoe? Birkenstock's ($$$$$) are widely recommended causall shoe but are they the only good shoe? Also, I need dress business shoes?

Arch supports? (Birkenstocks, SDO's, Power Step, Walmart gels)

What the heck are straps?

What type of massage?

I have read about icing, stretching and will start the regiment as I can.

This appears to be a well informed site and I seek your counsel?


Re: Shoes? Arch Supports? SDO? Straps? Where to go???

dave r on 9/24/03 at 12:43 (130884)

unfortunately you are right about haveing to be proactive. Alot of us have made that mistake.New Balance makes a good shoe that accomadates most orthotics. Im not sure about a dress shoe..Maybe one of the doc's here will answer that. The powerstep insert is pretty popular and affordable. You really should see a podiatrist. If you have a mechanical problem then they may be able to help you. People with high arches have a tendency to have pf for a larger amount of time.
Icing helps with inflamation. Are you able to take NSAIDS? i think that strapping refers to taping your foot. There is a link on this site that shows how to tape your foot.

Re: Shoes? Arch Supports? SDO? Straps? Where to go???

Kathy G on 9/24/03 at 13:03 (130887)

Hi Dennis,

Please read Scott's Heel Pain Book. It is full of all kinds of information that should help you out. Bottom line is that you should probably see a Podiatrist. There are all sorts of gadgets in those catalogs they have on airplanes but I wouldn't recommend trying most of them, especially until you have a concrete diagnosis. I would venture that nearly every poster on this Board wishes they had seen a doctor sooner.

Birkenstock does make a somewhat dressy shoe but SAS shoes seem to be the choice of those who need shoes that are dressier. They also accommodate orthotics if you end up needing those.

Each PF case is different and one has to find out what works best for him. I, for example, have had terrible luck with OTC orthotics but have done well with custom orthotics. My son wears a custom orthotic when he's participating in sports but uses PowerSteps or FootMax (I can't remember which), the rest of the time. The book will at least give you an idea of what Scott's surveys have shown.

Good luck and don't hesitate to ask questions. The people on the Boards are wonderful and no one ever considers a question to be stupid. That's because most of us have asked the same question somewhere along the line!

Re: Shoes? Arch Supports? SDO? Straps? Where to go???

Suzanne D on 9/24/03 at 15:19 (130907)

Dennis, I agree with Dave and Kathy that you need to be proactive and also see a podiatrist. The Heel Pain Book (just click on the blue link here) has a wealth of information which will help you.

As for shoes, it really seems to be an individual thing, but I wear Birkenstocks and SAS shoes with Superfeet inserts. Besides casual sandals, Birkenstock makes some dressier ones, and there are business-type shoes for men. The good thing about Birkenstocks is that they have an orthotic footbed. However, the footbed is not always what someone may need. After seeing your doctor, perhaps you could find a store with Birks and any others your dr. may recommend and try them on.

Best wishes to you! Keep reading here and posting. You will find much encouragement and information.

Suzanne :)

Re: Shoes? Arch Supports? SDO? Straps? Where to go???

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/25/03 at 23:11 (131103)

One of the good things about this site is the large amount of information.
One of the bad things about this site is the large amount of information.

Read Scott's Heel Pain Book as it contains a lot of valuable information.
One of the problems with all the info. is that it raises the question of what to do when and under what circumstances. Unless you are determined to self treat this problem, seeing a foot specialist may be a good idea.