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Which Shoe for PF?

Posted by Dennis C on 9/24/03 at 11:47 (130879)

I have been suffering with PF for almost 12 months. The condition has worsen to a point that I am ready to be proactive in recovery. I had hoped it would have cleared up on its own but NOT.

Not sure of the best shoe to purchase? I am a businessman that travel a lot and need a business dress and casual shoe. I also need a shoe to kick around the house and yard.


Re: Which Shoe for PF?

Sandra D on 9/24/03 at 17:20 (130922)

Dennis you need to check out New Balance and maybe SAS for dress shoes. I find that wearing a slight heel helps my PF not to hurt so bad. You could buy some inserts just over the counter. I use Spenco.
Best Wishes,
Sandra D

Re: Which Shoe for PF?

Necee on 10/03/03 at 23:10 (132144)

Hi Dennis, sorry you are having PF pain.

I have found that Birkenstock shoes work best for me, they are a little on the pricy side, but they allow me to walk pain free, so I'd gladly pay a little extra for comfort.

SAS is also a good shoe, although I've never purchased a pair, I do know several friends who wear them, and they say they are great shoes.

A good rule of thumb when shopping for shoes is to check the support. Hold the shoe in the palm of both hands, (the toe of the shoe against your left palm and the heel against your right palm), then press, if the shoe bends easily in the middle don't buy it. A good shoe should never bend in the middle section.

Let us know what you decide to buy.

Happy trails....