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I tried heat on my feet and wow! did it help!

Posted by Kathy G on 9/24/03 at 13:11 (130889)

All the credit in the world to Dr. Z! I have noticed that he recommends heat as opposed to ice but I've always used ice since the doctors, PT's, and C.Ped I saw all recommended icing as do Scott's survey results. The other night, I was in agony after standing for an extended amount of time. After icing my feet and finding no relief, I thought of Dr. Z and tried the heating pad. The results were amazing! I went shopping yesterday and used heat on them when I got home and was again surprised at how much relief the heat produced.

I actually don't remember if I saw Dr. Z's recommendation on the Doctor's Board or on the TTS board. Maybe it was the latter but it doesn't really matter. It helped so much more than the ice that I'm sold! And with Raynaud's syndrome, it's so much nicer to apply heat rather than ice!

So, for what it's worth, if icing doesn't seem to be bringing about any noticeable results for you, give heat a try!

And thank you, Dr. Z!

Re: I tried heat on my feet and wow! did it help!

Dr. Z on 9/24/03 at 14:55 (130899)

Your are Hot now !!!. Never apply ice to your feet if you have Raynaud's syndrome. As you know the pain is bad.

Re: I tried heat on my feet and wow! did it help!

Suzanne D on 9/24/03 at 15:13 (130905)

I'm glad heat made a difference for you, Kathy!

You know, I have used ice in the past because of all the great things I read about it, but I never could really 'feel' that it was helping me. I kept at it, especially during the first and worst months of PF, because it was recommended by my doctor and so many people wrote highly about it. I kept thinking that I must not realize how ice was helping the inflammation even though I didn't 'feel' better.

Finally one day my feet were hurting, and I had been using the rice-filled pad which you heat in the microwave around my neck for a headache. I put the pad on my feet, and it really felt good! I didn't write about it here because I thought maybe it was a wrong thing to do(and somehow I missed Dr. Z's recommendation about heat), but since it helped me, I have continued at times to use heat on my feet.

I'm glad to hear that it helps someone else!
Suzanne :)

Re: I tried heat on my feet and wow! did it help!

Kathy G on 9/24/03 at 15:16 (130906)

Ah, I was hot all along!!;) I never could see the logic to applying ice with Raynaud's but they said that although it would hurt, it would help. I never saw any relief from icing whatsoever and I found it to be terribly painful. I'm going to try heat on the arthritis and tendonitis in my hand, too. No more ice; it just hurts too much, especially in the winter time!

I saw your recommendation only a couple of weeks ago and I am so happy that I did.

Thanks again!

Re: I tried heat on my feet and wow! did it help!

Dr. Z on 9/24/03 at 16:42 (130916)

Parafin Wax baths could also help you alot. Being very careful not to cause a burn. Slow pour the wax from a cup and coat the skin wait a few mintues and then do the usual dipping

Re: I tried heat on my feet and wow! did it help!

Pam S. on 9/24/03 at 23:49 (130955)

I always feel my best when I have just gotten out of a bathtub or shower or had my feet in a bucket of warm water. That is so funny. I thought I must be imagining things.I think we should just keep on doing it but I thought cold was good for inflammation. Go figure

Kathy: would you believe I have arthritis in two of my fingers on my right hands now.Just came on in the past few weeks. The pain is in my knuckles and is hurts to bend my fingers. Are you and I related maybe. HA What have you tried for this. I remember you went to the rhuemy sp? I have not been yet. Do you think I should go?

Do you find you feel sort of crummy when the weather starts to change. Less energy and more aches. I love the change of season but I feel so much better in the summer with our symptoms. How is your sister?

Re: I tried heat on my feet and wow! did it help!

Kathy G on 9/25/03 at 08:36 (130967)

Yes, Pam, I did see a Rheumatologist but it was mainly for the arthritis in my CMC joint, which is located at the base of the thumb, way down, near the wrist. That is the area that causes the most pain for me. The arthritis in my fingers just hurts occasionally and I've had it for over five years. The doctors didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it but then I didn't say much about it to them. They all noticed it.

I am already on Vioxx for my feet and I've been taking Glucosamine w/chondroitin for neck pain for about five years. I'm assuming it helped prevent the arthritis in my fingers and hand from getting worse but that's just a guess. I did try skipping it and the pain in my neck got much worse so I went back on it and have taken it faithfully.

I find that the change of seasons doesn't bother me but many people find it to be painful. I know my chiropractor says that fall is his busiest time of year.

Thanks for asking about my sister. They found a furnished apartment and are moving into it this weekend. They are waiting for the insurance adjustor to come but assume they will have to tear the house down and start from scratch. She's very weepy about it all, which is understandable. I think she's still in a state of shock. I saw pictures that were taken four hours after the water crested and I couldn't believe it. They are fortunate that they weren't hurt and things have fallen into place for them as far as finding a place to live but she's in no mood to have anything positive pointed out to her, so I refrain!

I'd suggest trying the Glucosamine for your fingers. And my mother used to swear by running very hot water over her fingers for a few minutes every now and then when her arthritis was at its worst. She, too, had it in her fingers and her feet. I'm sure any kind of moist heat would suffice.
She also swore that her needlework (embroidery, knitting, crocheting) helped to keep her fingers nimble.