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Hello again.......

Posted by JudyS on 9/24/03 at 13:19 (130890)

within a couple of days of returning from Michigan (barely enough time to say hello!) my husband and I took a driving trip over to Tucson. We were there for four days and I've been down with a cold since we got back!
Whoever said there is no place like home knew just what they were talking about!
Things have pretty much died down regarding our friend's tragedy. I was gone so my husband pretty much was here to react with family, etc. My brother-in-law has stayed withdrawn on the subject - in fact, he withdrew altogether. As you all know, there is just no measurement for this kind of tragedy so each must deal with it on their own terms. I keep reliving my conversation with young Evan just days prior to his death - he was excited about having recovered from a broken ankle and being able to run cross country.

The reunion was very nicely done and we had a good time. But, can you believe it - I heard through the grapevine later that two of my female classmates got angry with me for dancing with their husbands! The husbands were in our class too and THEY asked me to dance! Well heck, having a non-dancing husband, I'd never turn down an invitation! Not surprisingly these two ladies were also some of the ones - 35 years ago!- who were somewhat snobby. I guess they can't get over it!

I continue to be surprised, also, that even as the years go by many folks in my home town area continue to think that Californians are basically narcissistic and immoral. A couple of the fellas were surprised that I actually had an intelligent and somewhat conservative point of view regarding the current recall mess here.

But I had a great time seeing all my old girlfriends - we decided to do a 'girl' reunion via a cruise out of Florida in a year or two. My big brother was in my class also so seeing him was fun too.

But then - home IS the perfect spot!

Hope you all are well.

Re: Hello again.......

Suzanne D on 9/24/03 at 15:38 (130909)

I'm glad your reunion was enjoyable, Judy! It does seem that some people never change, though, doesn't it? Sometimes after an experience like that, you can think, 'You know, I'm glad I'm not still in high school!' :)

I'm glad you're home now, and it was nice hearing from you.
Suzanne :)

Re: Hello again.......

marie on 9/24/03 at 19:28 (130931)

Hi Judy,

I'm glad you got home safely. You're so right there's nothing like home. I wouldn't worry about what a few women at your reunion said behind your back. Some never outgrow there high school behavior. It seems that you have, so give yourself a pat on the back.

You and your family as well as Evan's family are in my thoughts and prayers. It is a tragedy that those kids will never forget.

best wishes marie

Re: Hello again.......

Necee on 9/25/03 at 00:42 (130956)

Glad you had a fun and safe trip Judy.

I'm contemplating on whether or not to attend my 30th High School reunion.
I grew up in a small town, and although most were friendly, there were those who were bullish and complete snobs. I wasn't part of the 'in crowd' and it was amazing how popular I got when I drove my new Mach 1 Mustang to school. I'd love to go just to see how people have changed, if at all, and see some classmates who I enjoyed having as friends.

Happy trails...


Re: Hello again.......

Kathy G on 9/25/03 at 08:15 (130963)

Hi Judy!

I hope you are feeling better and I'm glad that the reunion was fun. You've really been on the go!

Although I know it's a painful subject, I was wondering exactly what role your brother-in-law played in that tragic episode? He was the one who Evan's dad wanted to talk to before he turned the gun on himself, right? None of the stories I read were very clear about it. You are right. He has to deal with it on his own terms.

Glad to have you back!

Re: Hello again.......

JudyS on 9/26/03 at 13:08 (131148)

Necee, I'd encourage you to go. It is always such fun seeing those in the group I ran with. They are all so friendly and cheerful it's just like being back in high school!
I found that the women in my class seemed to be far more healthy and well-groomed then the men were. It surprised me to see such a distinct difference as I assumed the level of 53-year-old 'attractiveness' would be pretty evenly distributed.
I have no Mach I - alas! But most back there in my home town STILL have a certain amount of curiosity about a Californian in their midst! I still think that's the silliest part of my interactions there given that my husband and I, and everyone we know here have always lived pretty traditional lifestyles.