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questions about having your PF released...

Posted by David B on 9/24/03 at 16:48 (130919)

I have had the shock wave treatment done with no results, I am debating about having it again but the doctor is not very optimist about it since it didn't help the 1st time, but since this time will be a freebie for me, what do I have to lose. If it don't work guess I will have to have it cut on. Can you explain to me what they actually do? Do they go in and cut the PF muscle? I don't know much about this surgery. Also, how much time does it take to recover, I mean how much time will I need to take off work. He said at least 3 weeks then I would be in a boot cast. If I have to have the surgery think I will get a 2nd opionion.

Re: questions about having your PF released...

Dr. Z on 9/24/03 at 19:59 (130937)


The plantar fascia is cut. I also remove the spur. The healing time will vary with procedure and patient. It can take up to six month for healing and pain to go away. Don't think that this is a one two three I am all better type of procedure. Why would you get a seoond opinion.? If have the classic heel spur pain and have tried all conservative treatments including ESWT then plantar fascia surgery is the way to go. By the way the failure of the first ESWT procedure has no relationship with the sucess of the seond ESWT procedure

Re: questions about having your PF released...

David B on 9/24/03 at 20:12 (130942)

The reason for wanting a 2nd opinion before having it cut on is I am starting to wonder about my dr. I have had many people say oh I don't like him he didn't help me I went to so and so. The dr is the one that made the comment that he didn't think the 2nd one might help either. See what the deal is, he does not have the machine to do this ESWT procedure he contracted it out to another outfit but they just use his office. He has only been having this procedure done for less than a yr in his office, so he is new to this. You might ask why then don't I go to another dr before I have him do ESWT again, well I doubt if my insurance will pay for it again and he will do it for FREE. He told me if I did have the surgery he would go in and release the PF but would not remove the spur, he said the spur is not causing the pain its my PF. Also, this dr has never even taken an x- ray of my foot, he just dianosed the problem from what I told him.

Re: questions about having your PF released...

Dr. Z on 9/24/03 at 20:17 (130943)

Ok. you have alot of good reasons An x-ray must be taken before ESWT and or foot surgery that involves bone.

Re: questions about having your PF released...

Kim S. on 9/25/03 at 14:22 (131003)

Dr. Z:
My Pod. stated that he spoke to his 'colleagues' in Chicago and they stated to him that if the first round of ESWT (Ossatron) was not at least 50% effective their research shows a second round would not be effective and is not recommended.
Therefore, I went ahead and had EPF two weeks ago. Now wondering if it was a good decision???

Re: questions about having your PF released...

Dr. Z on 9/25/03 at 14:50 (131009)

Well how about if it was 40% effective. This is very subjective. There is literature that states that if the first eswt fails the second eswt results has nothing to be with the sucess of the first. This literature was with the ossatron machine. 'It appears that a second treatment for painful heel spurs was beneficial regardless of the results of an initial treatment. There are some doctors from Chicago who feel that if no relief from the first then that is it. Sorry I just don't agree with that approach

Re: questions about having your PF released...

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/25/03 at 16:16 (131015)

I am not aware of any research that supports those figures.