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Posted by marie on 9/24/03 at 19:32 (130933)

The Beatles and John Lennon's words offer some hope for Israel. I don't want this to become a political discussion. I just thought it an interesting piece of news.


Re: Imagine

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/24/03 at 20:37 (130948)

The people of the region have so much to gain by peaceful cooperation and trade. The Israelis took arrid land and with modern irrigation and cultivation techniques 'made the desert bloom.' I have talked to so many Israelis who have desired to share those techniques with their Arab neighbors. It has been the leadership in the Arab nations who have had the need to maintain the state of conflict as a means of manipulating their people and maintaining power that is the problem.

Re: Imagine

marie on 9/24/03 at 20:55 (130952)

I thought the brief article was supportive of the need for peace. We don't often hear about a group of Isralis and Arabs assembling together to share the same goal for peace in the region. Thats all.

Re: Imagine

john h on 9/25/03 at 08:25 (130964)

In the morning paper the Hamas Sheik who was wounded by the Israel's last week stated Hamas will 'never' make peace with Israel under any circumstances.

Re: Imagine

Peter R on 9/25/03 at 09:36 (130972)

They should have killed him then he could have made peace will Allah- I hope they try again. I wonder how long I would be permittedd to call for the death of Americans and the destruction of U.S. property? Not long I'm sure because I'm only a white American of European descent. I think I'll become a black, gay, deciple of Mohammad- Then I can say whatever I want to with impunity.

Re: Imagine

Sandra D on 9/25/03 at 14:41 (131007)

Peter, well said.
Sandra D.