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Follow Up

Posted by Dorothy on 9/25/03 at 14:23 (131004)

You wrote recently that you were not feeling as well foot-wise/leg-wise as you had been previously - that you were having a bad day that day -
That was about a week ago and you haven't said more about that -
It seemed to follow on your story about running from the dogs while out taking pictures; do you think the run caused problems? Not much of a trade-off - foot pain or dog bites!
How are you doing now?

Re: Follow Up

marie on 9/25/03 at 16:44 (131022)

I may have over done it a bit when I ran across the road. I did think for a split second that I shouldn't run but the dogs convinced me that I needed to move now and fast. My hubby wasn't paying attention...nothing new. I walk every day but running is still a bit hard. I have always had problems with tight muscles...all of my life, when I excerise. The weather has been rainy with a low pressure system. I guess I overdid it and the weather hasn't helped. Thanks for asking. I feel ok today. A little tingling around my ankles but I made it through the day with no pain. The weather system has moved through and that has made a big difference.

Re: Follow Up

Dorothy on 9/25/03 at 16:49 (131024)

Very glad to hear Marie's discomfort has improved and is improving, Angie; please tell her for me when you see her. Remember she has a round, bright yellow face that is sometimes quite smiley; oh, and Angie likes to wear dark glasses and is prone to winking. Thanks for delivering the message.