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Calling Dr. Ed

Posted by D.Thomas on 9/26/03 at 14:38 (131156)

Dr. Ed,

What do you think about the move with healthcare companies giving full choice to it's members (i.e., not allowing the Benefit Adminstrators and Companies to dictate the offered plans)?

For example, they are now establishing plans where the employer establishes a default plan that the employer will pay for and then the employees can either subtract or add to that plan whatever they like. However, the employee will be personally respondsible for any additions.


Re: Calling Dr. Ed

Ed Davis, DPM on 9/26/03 at 14:43 (131158)

D. Thomas:

I think that that is a positive trend but feel that if the employee has to pay more for a better plan, that amount should be tax deductible to the employee.

Re: Calling Dr. Ed

D.Thomas on 9/26/03 at 14:56 (131161)

Dr. Ed,

From what I understand, that will happen. I am actually doing some testing around different levels of flexibility in offered services for a heathcare insurance company and I really, really like what I am seeing that will be offered and the direction they are taking. This is the right approach from both an Employer standpoint and a Employee standpoint. The Emplyoer wants to control costs and the employee wants more flexibility and control. Two birds with one stone.

I have to admit, in doing this research, I have learned quite a bit about the healthcare insurance industry. Actually, I am quite impressed with the insurance and provider side of healthcare in the US. It's not perfect, but it's not as bad as some people complain, especially when you understand the real issues of the complaints.