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Help please

Posted by Fran on 9/27/03 at 07:40 (131211)

I was diagnosed with tarsol tunnel in both feet and also have heel spurs with L4 and L5 disc problems oh and arthritis and RLS (so I know about the night time leg problems). The pain was bad causing me to drastically cut back on working even though that was not easy I was able to make a few lifestyle changes then I was in a roll over accident where the vehicle came to rest on it's top I was the meat in the sandwich well the tarsol tunnel and heel spurs became 99% worse immediately because of the compression to my body from both directions. The doctor gave me Motrin and Skelaxin and kept me off work for two months with about 6 sessions of PT to my neck never addressing the foot and leg problems the pain is no better (let me add here I stayed active during thoses two months as active as possible)took care of myself the reason I added that is because sometimes inactivity will cause heel spurs and such to get worse. He now wants to release me to go back to work I was having a hard enough time before. Just doing my house work keeps my legs in feet in constant pain I've seen a neurologist who fould the tarsol tunnel just before the accident he sent me to an orthopedic surgeon after the accident and he says according to the EMG the tarsol tunnel doesn't look bad enough to warrant the pain I'm having but I don't think he is taking into account the heel spurs or the effects of the accident. After the accident I couldn't even stand to have my legs and feet touch the couch or bed it's not quite that bad now but there is constant pain even when I'm not on them. You cannot not be on your feet don't they realize that. Someone please respond I don't feel like these doctors are listening. I go to bed in pain and wake up in pain what should I do?

Re: Help please

wendyn on 9/28/03 at 08:21 (131412)

Fran - sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. Many of us who live in a lot of pain have normal EMG tests (really adds insult to injury doesn't it!?!)

Do you have any other health problems? (i.e. diabetes)

Re: Help please

marie on 9/28/03 at 19:40 (131587)


I am so sorry to hear about the pain you are in. You are going to have to make your doctors listen to you or find another one. Has your doctor tried steroid treament...oral or shots into the foot? Are you going to a Podiatrist or your GP. Ask your doctor how many people she/he has treated for TTS. Ask your PT if he/she has treated someone with TTS. It's important that they know what their dealing with. Also ask your doctors about Neurontin and elavil. Many of us take this combination to relieve the pain. Some have had some success with Ultram. Has your doctor started you on vitamins..like B12, Glucosamine, MSM, Magnesium and vitamin. C? I suggest you read Scott's book on heal pain. It is helpful to many.....including the docs. Continue to exercise and continue with non weight bearing stretches. Julie has several Yoga exercises that are wonderful. And remember you can always come here for support.

best wishes marie

Re: Help please

marie on 9/28/03 at 20:06 (131595)

OK I know it's spelled heel and not heal. Although many of us wish the heel will heal.

My bad.


Re: Help please

Fran on 9/29/03 at 08:35 (131614)

Thank you Marie for the suggestions. No Wendyn I didn't know that about the EMG I will remember that though. I have been going to a GP who ordered PT They had no idea what to do with my feet or legs. They finally resorted to massage on my feet and having me ride a stationary bicycle. Which ofcourse felt wonderful but lasted until I got to their door to leave. I am so thankful to have found this website. I am going to actually print out your suggestions and take them with me to a new doctor. Specifically what kind of doctor should I be going to? I should be seeing a Podiatrist or what? A friend has gotten me into see a sports doctor who she said found a problem she was having after 6 doctors and 5 MRI brought no re1ief her problem was in another area altogether though. I was sent to an orthopedic surgeon and all he did was take a safety pin out of his pocket and poked up both feet and legs after I begged him not to this is when I was still sensitive to even touch right after the accident. (I wonder how many patients get that same safety pin?) Again thank you so glad to have found this board.
Thank you again.

Re: Help please

marie on 9/29/03 at 10:05 (131621)

A podiatrist,ankle surgeon or neurologist. Make sure your doctor knows what and how to treat tts. Massage directly over the tarsal area is a big no no.