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Why to Birks work?

Posted by AngelaC on 9/27/03 at 14:04 (131243)

I've been following the suggestions on this board for the last month or so and finding that my PF seems to be gradually getting better. I have custom orthotics and have started wearing Birks. The Birks seem to be making more of a difference than my orthotics in New Balance shoes, but I don't understand why. Do Birks shape to your feet over time and create a kind of custom orthotic? If an intentional correction isn't built into the Birk footbed, like I'm assuming would be in orthotics, how do we know if the Birks are correcting in the right directions????? I'm 50, had a tendon (or tendons?) removed from my foot when I was 2 years old, and this foot turns out a lot when I'm overusing it or wearing bad shoes. This is the foot with the PF. But will I mess things up by wearing Birks? They just seem to feel better than my orthotics, which I don't understand. . . I'm also doing stretching, taping, using a night splint, and using my pedometer to be as much of a slug (ugggh!) as possible. Thanks. By the way, this message board and Scott's book are wonderful! I can't imagine how much more discouraged I would have been if I hadn't found it.