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A question about a foot strain

Posted by Storm chaser on 9/27/03 at 23:29 (131376)

I work the ball-park and have done alot of standing all summer long, sometimes five hours, finely at the end of the homestand season last week my left foot finely begun to indcates signs of the tipical foot strain, kind of sore when working fast on the top of the heel. it,s been a week now and the strain is getting mucn better. I hear so many different opnions from other people such as do alot of my usual mountain biking, but yet some say do not bike! some say to walk as much as possible, some say do not do any walking, On monday I plan to go on a two mile hike, now just over the summer I got over a knee sprain which is healed now, all ecept for the left foot strain from doing all that standing,,, would I be safe going on that two mile walk monday, or should it be avoided. I have hopes some-one can give me some good advise thanks........

Re: A question about a foot strain

wendyn on 9/28/03 at 08:24 (131415)

Storm chaser - if I was you, I would let the foot rest a while. Hiking on uneven ground is pretty hard on sore feet. I would stick with the mountain biking (providing you are wearing a proper shoe with a very solid sole). I'd avoid going barefoot at all times (even around the house). If you've only had this a short while, you're chances of getting rid of it are very good!!!

Re: A question about a foot strain

John H on 9/28/03 at 19:18 (131584)

Today I hiked up a mountain about 1000 feet. Very steep and about half way up you walk on large rocks all the way to the top. It takes a good 1.5 hours and you have to be sure footed. Your feet get twisted at every angle possible an going down you do end up having to jump a little. The view from the top is spectacular. You can see for perhaps a 100 miles and view the Arkansas River meandering through the mountains. Fortunately it was a cool 70 degrees. My feet were hurting by the time I got down but tonight they feel ok. We will see tomorrown how they are as they sure had the most vigrous workout they have had in 7 or 8 years. I wore my New Balance but wish I had climbing shoes or boots as on the steep rocks I almost lost it a couple of times. Wendy: My friend was hunting near Manitoba last week and fell off the tractor that he was riding on and it ran over his chest breaking all ribs on the left side. He was driven to Manitoba and will be in the hospital there for some time. His son was killed on the aircraft that was blown up over Lockerbee.

Re: A question about a foot strain

Dorothy on 9/29/03 at 00:53 (131607)

John H.: That is an inspiring and wonderful description of your hike. It sounds great. I hope that your feet still feel good tomorrow - and won't that be an added bonus to a terrific experience! I did a white-water rafting trip in Colorado on the Arkansas (Arkan SAS , not 'saw' there, as you know) and it was a hair-raiser.
I am sorry to hear about your friend's accident and how sad about his son.
Well, best wishes to you and your mountain-climbing feet, John.

Re: A question about a foot strain

Suzanne D on 9/29/03 at 09:08 (131618)

What a victory for you to make such a climb, John! That's wonderful. I hope your feet are feeling alright today. That cool 70 degrees was nice, I'm sure. We're having cooler than normal temperatures right now, and I love it! Fall is certainly in the air.

I'm sorry about your friend's accident.


Re: A question about a foot strain

Storm chaser on 9/29/03 at 13:53 (131638)

Yes very sorry to hear about the accident...... I have took that advise and delayed the long walking trip........Gosh I wish feet were made to be perfect

Re: A question about a foot strain

Storm chaser on 9/29/03 at 13:54 (131639)

Thanks for the advise I will take that advise, however I sure enjoyed walking while it lasted... I guess it was just too much on my feet biking, walking, and standing alot.

Re: A question about a foot strain

marie on 9/30/03 at 20:14 (131799)

This has nothing to do with your foot problem. I just wanted to say...COOL board name. B-)

stay well, marie

Re: A question about a foot strain

josh s on 10/02/03 at 17:36 (131986)

Stay off it as much as possible until no pain. You won't enjoy activities whilst in pain anyhow. Better safe than sorry. You don't want to become a frequenter of these boards.

Re: arch pain

Amy M on 10/05/03 at 07:35 (132288)

I bought insoles for my running shoes for the first time about 1 1/2 months ago. Right before that I was noticing some pain in the bottom of my foot where the arch is(I have high arches).Since getting new shoes and insoles the pain has worsened but is not extreme. It hurts in the morning and whenn I first start a run but it is by no means bad. I have stopped running for a week but continued other activity (standing all day as a teacher, walking around town etc.) Is this a hell spur or some kind of arch problem? And how long should I rest? And can I swim instead?