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New Info.

Posted by Dorothy on 9/27/03 at 23:36 (131377)

For any of you not familiar with her website and weekly newsletter (it's free), I will recommend http://www.kimkommando.com . You have to put up with some of the advertising to get to the 'meat' of Kim Kommando's information, but you can often get useful information, fun information, and good alerts, information about fixing computer and software problems, etc. She is very family friendly and concerned about kids' and others' well-being on the internet. So, that is your recommendation: http://www.kimkommando.com . She also has a regular radio program, weekly I think, that is nationally syndicated.

Secondly, for those of you wanting new topics for the social support board, may I suggest: what books have you read that were inspiring, helpful, life-changing...that kind of thing ... to you?? The range of possibilities should be wide and broadly encompassing.(Religious, Hilarious, Medical/Health Information, Intellectually Stimulating,Thought Provoking, even, um, political maybe....just for starters ideas...) If you can say why the book means a lot to you, that would be good. Maybe it is a book that you hated but it made a difference to you anyway - whatever.... Since many people with foot and other pain find themselves with limited physical activity, whether permanentaly or temporarily, reading can be a marvelous activity for the passive body with an active mind. Maybe there will be some ideas here that others haven't been aware of.

1. Books 2. Movies

Thirdly, I have only just briefly scanned all of the Intense Conversation that has happened here while I was away. I hope that my political comments did not contribute to the closure of that kind of discussion. I share the revulsion that some people expressed for Peter's comments, but have chosen to just ignore him. It is my opinion that the webmaster should ban Peter R. from the board, rather than prohibit all political discussion. However, if the webmaster has chosen to ban political speech rather than Peter R., that is his decision. I do not share the opinion of those who want the political discussions stopped, but I do share their point of view that social suppport should give priority to giving support to those who are in need of it because of foot and related problems. I also find that the very long 'cut and paste' articles posted are problematical and that there should be a link, rather than a duplication here. So, because I missed the earlier discussions, those are my thoughts on these topics.

Marie, I was in your beautiful state this weekend - and it is that: a very beautiful state. I needed to be in Bloomington and environs for business - what a beautiful campus IU is. Oh, and here are two of my recommendations for best movies ever: Hoosiers and Breaking Away. Love them both. But those are movies, not books. Great state you have there!

First topic suggestion: books Second topic suggestion: movies

Re: New Info.

marie on 9/28/03 at 08:10 (131406)

Thanks Dorothy. We love our state. IU has one of the nicest gounds of any college I have been too. That doesn't mean it's better than other universities academically but it is a beautiful campus. I was living in Bloomington when they filmed Breaking Away. It was a fun summer as there were film folks all over the campus. A window was broken out in the Union during a fight scene...a very old one. The film company replaced it with an apology. They left that scene in the movie. I had to watch the movie twice because because the first time through I kept looking at the background to see if I recognized places from IU. The quarries are a big part of that town. We went there to swim. The water is crystal clear.
There was a professor that swam laps there regularily. He brought his two black labs that swam on either side of him. The older female swam under water as she had learned to hold her breath. He'd throw a rock in and she'd dive for it. It was amzing to watch her under water picking out the exact rock her master had thrown.

best wishes marie