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Posted by JudyS on 9/28/03 at 12:29 (131479)

Good Grief Dr. Ed you are inflamming things needlessly!
Bonnie never said she was leaving this board! She never said she was unhappy with it!
She simply asked you to refer her to a politically conservative website. That's all! I assume YOU visit political websites other than this one, don't you?

Now please, stop. Whatever you think Carole said to you it's time to STOP. You are absolutely no less guilty than anyone else of being less-than-sensitive and you are doing nothing now but making things worse.

Let me remind everyone - this whole line of discussion occured because Scott chose to eliminate political discussion - I'll bet that decision cost him in his own philosophies.

Here's what he said:

'...it's a problem because i periodically get complaints about the message boards hosting too much political discussion. i need to try to keep the boards related to heel pain anyway'.

He gets to do that.

Quit being a baby about it and go find some serious political websites where you can be all that you want to be with it. You did this exact same thing last spring - you dragged it out. Get over it.

I'll be the first to ask Scott to put this message board on hiatus again if we can't move on. NO more attacks, no more name-calling, no more unjustified inflammation.