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Posted by JudyS on 9/28/03 at 12:51 (131500)

ED! Good grief! You go too far. YOu are needlessly inflamming things here today.

Bonnie NEVER said she was leaving this website! She simply asked you for a referral to a politically conservative site! I assume YOU look at sites in addition to this one?

You are also needlessly attacking Carole. Whatever you feel about her comments yesterday, it's time to let it go because the fact is that you are as guilty as anyone of being less-than-sensitive in some political discussions and it's time you own it.
And if some of us are happy with Scott's decision there's not a darn thing wrong with that! So quit with your snide comments, ok? Scott gets to do what he wants and some of us can agree with him......get over it.

Here are Scott's words:

it's a problem because i periodically get complaints about the message boards hosting too much political discussion. i need to try to keep the boards related to heel pain anyway

They are very accurate in two simple sentences.

There is no 'gang of six'. There are people who want THIS particular board to stay away from sensitive topics like politics. NO ONE has attempted to censor you or anyone else. Good heavens - some of us agree with your politics! Some mighty fine folks here just want the enjoyable spot the board was when it began. THE BOTTOM LINE is that it no longer is thanks to intense politics and their inate ability to garner nasty posts.

FORGET your freedom of speech stuff - this is NOT a political website period! And there's another interpretation of freedom of speech going on here - it's one that says those who feel political discussion should be in a more appropriate place GET TO SAY SO and GET TO BE HAPPY ABOUT SCOTT'S DECISION without being attacked on mocked-up premises. Some of us DON'T disagree with your politics, some of us HAVE NO NEED to limit your views or your right to freedom of speech and NO ONE has left as a result of our requests. Quit making up stuff that simply is not true.

You did this exact same thing last spring when the - guess what- POLITICAL DISCUSSION erupted - you kept it going by nit-picking over and over again.

If you have to continue with this inflammatory stuff then I'll be the first to ask Scott to consider putting the board on hiatus again.