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long enduring ankle pain

Posted by corey w. on 9/29/03 at 01:43 (131608)

hello. back in march of 2003, i had hurt my foot/ankle while skateboarding. i chipped the bone on my inner right ankle and now a spur has formed. i have recieved 3 different sessions of cortizone injections in the area of the spur and in my joints. my question is , will the spur go away if i let my foot rest, will the cortizone injections do it any good? i am very serious about my skateboarding and this whole year so far has been ruined due to this foot pain and weakness in it.and if not, would surgery be a good option? i've been seeing a doctor and he suggests we stay away from surgery. most of the sharp pain is gone, but i still have alot of dull pain and my leg and knee often ache now. any tips or advice would greatly help. i am getting so mentally crazed over this injury!
thank you