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Aly! ART!

Posted by Dorothy on 9/29/03 at 15:41 (131651)

I don't know what's wrong with my ability to add a post to a thread, so I keep starting a new one - sorry!

Aly ~ Yes, it would be possible; involves schedules and such but it can be done. I am just kind of a stubborn nut and have a bit of trouble asking for help - unless and until I am so down and out that I am yelling HELP!! He is always more than willing and is cheerful and kind and tender and caring about it all - it is I who always think I have to be so daggone independent about everything! It is one of my flaws. I've got a couple more! :-) I'm pulling for you, Aly and also want to say that your posts are among the ones that I often find very helpful. I think you express yourself with great openness and honesty and a wonderful down-to-earth quality - and I just wanted to say so. You have my good wishes whether ART continues to be part of your regimen or not.

Re: Aly! ART!

Aly on 9/29/03 at 15:48 (131654)

Thanks Dorothy! You have me sitting at my computer at work, smiling to myself like a goof! :) See?

It's a shame that the closest provider to you is 3 hours away - what a long day. Given that the worst case scenario is that you'd have a lot of pain, you might want to break down and let your husband come to your rescue, just in case. Either that or have a very large bottle of pain killers on-hand. ;)

I'll keep posting about how things go.