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Using a walking cast (cane walker) now

Posted by Kathy on 9/29/03 at 20:52 (131684)

I've had my walking cast for 4 days now. I went with the boot type that can be removed for bathing & driving. I plan to wear it 4-6 weeks. The
throbbing heel pain seemed to lessen over the weekend but by the end of my teaching day today, the heel pain increased. The good news is that after an 8 hour work day, 30 min. drive home & return drive later to a PTA meeting, my heel is more like a 5 on the pain scale instead of 10. I'm looking forward to sharing good news on the board after wearing it for the required # of weeks. This is my last resort before surgery & I'm hoping for the best!

Re: Using a walking cast (cane walker) now

marie on 9/30/03 at 15:44 (131764)

Sounds like you are off to a good start. The guidance counselor at the school I teach at is also in a walking cast. She does well most of the day but by 3:00 she's feeling some discomfort. I wish the best for you.


Re: Using a walking cast (cane walker) now - question???

Kathy on 10/07/03 at 19:26 (132689)

My first 6 days in cane walker/walking cast were much better. But last Friday was a very stressful, busy day at school & I think I must have strained my foot. The weekend was miserable so I've really taken it easy this week. Still having sharp pains on base of heel. Does anyone out there have any suggestions about wearing the cane walker? Should I try to put my orthotics inside the 'boot'? Should I be stepping on the toe area only? Any ideas? Thanks!

Re: Using a walking cast (cane walker) now - question???

marie on 10/08/03 at 20:25 (132941)

Kathy you may want to post this on the ask the doctor's board.