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massive amount of heel pain

Posted by jackie t on 9/30/03 at 11:50 (131744)

I have had off and on heel pain for about 2 years now. Always in the morning with the 1st few steps then it was fine until I sat for long periods and then tried to walk. But the pain was not constant. Over the past month the pain is constant. It hurts to turn my foot toward the inside of my other foot, hurts to walk, hurts when sitting, hurts when laying down....constant 24/7. It hurts to put pressure on the toes and walk. Hurts to touch. If I stretch it by stretching my heel toward the floor it does not hurt. I am 32 and about 100 pounds overweight. I have started working out at the gym for about 2 months now. HELP! Any idea what it could be??

Re: massive amount of heel pain

Dr. Z on 9/30/03 at 13:53 (131750)

Read Scott heel pain book. This is the time to see a podiatrist now. The longer you wait they more chance you have of this becoming chronic plantar fasciitis, which already maybe. Chronic means resistant to treatmetnt