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weird commercial on tv for neurotrin??

Posted by stella on 9/30/03 at 16:30 (131770)

Hey i just seen the weirdest thing!! On the tv today it was for a law office saying if you know anyone who has taken this drug neurotrin and commited suicide call our office now!! That was weird since i have been trying to get on this for a long time!!! But dont have enough money for it.. isnt that weird???

Re: weird commercial on tv for neurotrin??

Sharon W on 9/30/03 at 16:42 (131772)


I'll bet that commercial was aimed at families of people who took off-label Neurontin as a treatment for bipolar disorder, and then committed suicide when it didn't help them... It's been shown that Neurontin just doesn't work for bipolar disorder, and the makers of Neurontin have been accused of some VERY shady marketing tactics, trying to get doctors to prescribe it for that and other things.

It's different with nerve pain, though; Neurontin DOES work to relieve nerve pain, for lots of people (including me). It has some nasty side effects for some of us, though... especially 'brain fog,' that's the one that got to ME... so you might be better off without it. I do wish you'd had a chance to try it out for yourself.